Td42 gearbox noise

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Td42 gearbox noise

Post by Vatikaki »

Hi Chaps

I picked up my first TD42 pickup today. I have a clutch/gearbox question. When in neutral and idling there is a alight grumbling/grinding noise. Once I press the clutch in it dissapears. The clutch is very easy to press in. Any ideas?



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Re: Td42 gearbox noise

Post by Dungbeetle »

My TD42 has been doing that for 600 000 of its 849 000 km
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Re: Td42 gearbox noise

Post by martyn »

Sounds like the thrust bearing.
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Re: Td42 gearbox noise

Post by Tinus lotz »

The td42 has a harmonic sound that does that let frans have a look but normally not a problem

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Re: Td42 gearbox noise

Post by Pieter B »

Probably just the thrust bearing. In what condition is the clutch fork rubber?

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Re: Td42 gearbox noise

Post by Peter Connan »

This is a known issue on the TD42. It is a harmonic vibration in the clutch or pressure plate.

It does not indicate impending doom in any way.
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Re: Td42 gearbox noise

Post by Michael »

Believe it or not, but it is actually the springs on the clutch plate that "rattles" as Peter mentioned. If you would to change the clutch, the noise will be gone.
I have done many many clutches on the TD42 and this is the problem. The Nissan clutches seem the ve "rattle free" for much longer than the Valeo or other brands.

Its not the release beaeing. If it was the release bearing it would make a noise when the clutch is depressed
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