Your Patrol is growing up to be...?

Showcase your baby

I'm hoping to develop my Patrol into...

1. Keep it stock-standard, shiny and new - Commuting.
2. Develop it into a comfortable overland vehicle to visit obscure places - Overlanding.
3. To develop an extreme camping vehicle, self-sufficient in the bush - Camping.
4. To develop an extreme 4x4 machine with all the flex and clearance - 4x4 challenges.
5. Build a muscle car with low end grunt - V8, chargers and turbos - 4x4 challenges.
6. To build a Trol for speed racing, load the horses - Dune and drag racing.
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Tinus lotz
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Re: Your Patrol is growing up to be...?

Post by Tinus lotz »

Oetie wrote:
10 Jul 2019 13:56
My plan is to build-up an Overlanding vehicle/comfortable bush camper to at the same time be an effective Off Road Search and Rescue vehicle....

Will I get there..?? Maybe, maybe not...

One thing is for sure, currently it is an open slate, an empty canvas that so far only have background spots of:
  • 2" lift with Bilstein shocks and OME coils
  • 33" (285/75/16) MT tyres
  • Roof rack
Future plans include:
  • 2nd battery to power extras including fridge, chargers, internal and external lights
  • ORRU response lights
  • Roof console in development to fit HAM and VHF radio, internal lights, sun glass storage
  • Rear fridge/storage slides
  • Replace current smash and grab with new lighter film at front row, darker at rear passenger and black-out at the rear loading area
  • Seat covers
  • Upgrade main lighting and fit spots on current standard bumper
  • Protection underneath (Mr Connan to be visited)
  • Recovery points upfront (Again Mr Connan)
  • Rear bumper or towbar with recovery points
  • Rock sliders (Already talking to Mr Connan)
  • Double din radio with Airplay and upgraded speakers (Anthony to be consulted)
  • Ostrich wing awning
And so we dream and add to the list.....
Turbo dude waar us die turbo :lol:

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Kagiso II
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Re: Your Patrol is growing up to be...?

Post by Kagiso II »

iNyathi is what I want it to be .. [except for the engine dead -- but within a few days he will have a new lease on Patrol life

I do need a ling range VHF two way radio and someday the current drawer system needs replacement

With iNyathi I have done amazing outreaches to villages and people spreading The Gospel where it has never been heard before.
Don't bring God down to your level of faith ... bring your faith up to His level!

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Re: Your Patrol is growing up to be...?

Post by Oetie »

Tinus lotz wrote:
10 Jul 2019 16:25

Turbo dude waar us die turbo :lol:
Eendag...... maar vir nou ry die kar lekker soos hy is, werk bietjie die gears maar dis fine :biggrin:
One life, live it to the fullest!!
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Johann van den Berg
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Re: Your Patrol is growing up to be...?

Post by Johann van den Berg »

Morning Guys...I am in the 2% bracket. Stock standard 1990 4.2 NA diesel GQ high top. Use it for fishing and general touring and camping and she pulls an Exclusive Jurgens caravan. Cruise at 100kmh even with the caravan on tow. Standard factory issue size wheels as well..I have always had enough power at hand.

I always enjoy the magnificence of the original manufacturing spec and the engineering of the era. Also just the basic honesty of the vehicle in standard trim.

I also have a '89 Nissan Safari slightly modded with: factory issue twin SU carbs from the 260ZX, power steering, speed control, electronic ignition and aircon. Use it also for the same caravan giving 5.5km/l whilst towing as opposed to the 7-7.5km/l for the GQ. Will always admire the L28 for smoothness, willingness and extreme durability.

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Re: Your Patrol is growing up to be...?

Post by JTEC »

JohnBoyZA wrote:
10 Jul 2019 10:33
Bliksem :thumbup:

you're definately welcome to join me on my next trip to Tanzania, or whetherver for that matter! Now I have a benchmark to show my wife how inadequate my overlanding Trol is... :think:
Thats exactly what I was thinking!! :surprised: That is an insane setup @offroadbike :bravo:
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Re: Your Patrol is growing up to be...?

Post by offroadbiker »

Bought the Patrol with quit a number of the "upgrades" already done so I cant take all the ..?.. , had to fix a few things and done some additions to get it where it is now, and still want to do a few things as I said, but tx I enjoy my Patrol and I use it for what it was build for :wink:
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Site Admin
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Re: Your Patrol is growing up to be...?

Post by JohnBoyZA »

Well if we can read anything into the survey it appears that most on the forum have bought a Patrol/Safari and added a few upgrades here and there to overland and camp - IMHO, there are few vehicles that can compete, especially considering the value for money, quite amazing (I discount the Y62, for now, from this statement)! On the other hand, a few simply want a commute and use them on dirt roads and several of you want to drive over large obstacles (taxis?), or/and get from point A to B, really FAST!

Thank you for participating - who's going to start the next survey?

Mooi ry
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Peter Connan
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Re: Your Patrol is growing up to be...?

Post by Peter Connan »

I guess with regards to how good you think the Patrol is as an overlanding/camping vehicle depends on whether or not you think an SUV is suitable, or whether you feel it should be a double-cab.

But since I like the balance of an SUV, I agree completely.

But also the Patrol is close to the top in terms of raw ability as an obstacle-crosser. It is to my mind in the top two or three, at least once fitted with a front locker.

The only one that is significantly better being the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. But that is badly compromised as an overlander, and therefore I believe the Patrol is probably the best all-rounder.
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Patrolman 1000+
Patrolman 1000+
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Re: Your Patrol is growing up to be...?

Post by iandvl »

Peter Connan wrote:
15 Jul 2019 14:06
But since I like the balance of an SUV, I agree completely.
I also like SUVs.

But I love my Patrol Station Wagon....

:biggrin: :biggrin:

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Re: Your Patrol is growing up to be...?

Post by biggles »

So what I like about a patrol is you can achieve 2-6... and as long as you drop the stock standard, 1 aswell.
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