TB 42 fuel tank pressure

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TB 42 fuel tank pressure

Post by Russtic »

Good afternoon and seasons greetings to all.
I opened my fuel filler cap today and was greeted by a serious "whoosh!" The fuel tank had some serious pressure in it, took a few seconds for the pressure to drop.

Is this normal, could it be the cause of my missing and the engine not wanting to rev?
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Re: TB 42 fuel tank pressure

Post by Peter Connan »

Definitely not normal or correct, and could cause issues (although normally it's vacuum that causes problems, not positive pressure).

In the wheel arch under the filler there is a flimsy plastic cover held on with 3-4 screws. Remove that (can be done without removing the wheel, you just need a stubby screwdiver). Under that you eill find the breather. Make sure it's open , clean and working.
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