Recovery of un-equiped vehicles

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Recovery of un-equiped vehicles

Post by Peter Connan »

I've been watching this guy's youtube videos for a while. He runs a business recovering stuck vehicles in Utah.

Most of the vehicles he recovers are not enthusiastic 4x4 owner's cars, and a lot of them are rented sedans (the old saying about an Avis Polo being the best 4x4), but often also full-size American pickups, motor homes and even the odd bus.

Thus he has a lot of experience hitching to vehicles that don't have good recovery points, but which may not always be incredibly badly stuck (although sometimes they are, even hanging on the edge of cliffs and stuff). Oh, and almost all his recoveries are snatch recoveries. His primary recovery vehicle is a quite-heavily-modified Jeep XJ.

This video has quite a lot of useful information on the equipment he uses, and where to attach if you don't have recovery points. I thought it might be useful, since one often gets opportunities to help "normal" people.
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Francois Theron
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Re: Recovery of un-equiped vehicles

Post by Francois Theron »

I've been following Matt's videos for a very long time and have watched them all. The most impressive part of his equipment for me are the Yankum ropes. Just 100 times better than any kinetic rope/strap I have ever seen!

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