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Please tell us about yourself :-)
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Chris Moore

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Due to the general unhappy state of the cyber-world the interwebz , prevalence of Identity theft and cyber crime I will leave a few of these empty
Apologies to JohnBoyZA and the mods

1. Name: Full Name (Nickname/Registered Name) Chris

2. Birthday and Age: 6th April ( not 1652 ) :oldtimer:

3. Town and Country of residence: KZN

4. Home Language: South African

5. Occupation/Business:

6. Family status:

7. Membership - Other 4X4 Clubs and Forums: Was a member on 4x4 Community

8. Current 4x4: 3x Pajeros 2x SWB 1x LWB

9. Current Mods: Slight suspension lift on Gen 2

10. Mods on wish list: Too many to list here :biggrin:

11. Vehicle on wish list: Nissan Patrol Y61 SWB

12. Previous 4x4's: Had a number of work 4x4's -- Land Cruiser / Chev C20 / Ford F250

13. Last 3 offroad or overland destinations: The most potholed suburban "road"

14. Your favourite destination: Anywhere far away from the maddening crowd -- Karoo

15. Other hobbies: History / Aviation / GPS- Maps - Spatial / Anything technical -- engineering / machinery / computers

16. GPSr and Map Data used: Trimble GNSS

17. Rate your 4X4 and overlanding experience: Fairly advanced

18. Online Photo Site:

19. Photos of you and your Vehicle: Forthcoming

I have been aware of the Nissan Patrol for some time and seen a couple around ( although they are not that common ) and asked their owners questions
I have a friend who has x4 Nissan Safari bakkies - in various levels of condition
So not completely ignorant of the marque

I have joined the community as I would like to learn more ( as much as I can ) about them -- the Nissan Patrol
I am particularly interested in the 4x4 implementation -- the solid front and rear diffs / types of suspension / transfer case ( type and function ) as well as the engine options.
I did find a post on the forum about a Chev LS Petrol V8 conversion -- unfortunately without any images and not too much detail
Although I think that this should be a very good engine conversion ?
I also wonder about the Navara 4L V6 as a possible engine conversion option ?

Hope this is enough to go on ? / and I look forward to using the site to improve my knowledge and interest
YES I would love to have an Y61 SWB -- from the photos I have seen on the Internet a wonderful good looking 4x4 machine with many customization options
Nicest looking SWB 4x4 in my opinion ... :thumbup:

Any questions -- type away :salute:
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Re: Introduce Yourself

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Welcome Chris :thumbup: Hope you find your vehicle soon. Those shortys are super super rare and hold there value.
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Re: Introduce Yourself

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Great to have you boet!

You CAN with a NISSAN!

Jy KAN met 'n DATSUN!
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by offroadbiker »


There is a shorty currently on Gumtree.....
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by ricster »

Welcome to the Patrol family. (.... no worries on the "Identity theft and cyber crime" point ).
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by Rudolph »

Anthony Forgey
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Re: Introduce Yourself

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Welcome here Chris.
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Re: Introduce Yourself

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Welcome .

I see there is a SWB GU 3.0Di Patrol on Gumtree right now, listed yesterday i think. Not often we see that on the market.
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by Peter Connan »

Welcome Chris

To answer some of your questions:
All Y60 and Y61 Patrols have live axles front and rear, as do all the Safaris and earlier models. Only the Y62 has independent suspension.

The Safari and earlier models, as well as the Y60 pickup models have leaf springs all round.
The Y61 pickup has coils in the front (exactly the same setup as the wagons) and leaves at the back.
All Y60 and Y61 wagons have coils all round. Front suspension is two leading arms bushed to the axle in two places each (in front of and behind the axle tube), and a panhard rod. Rear suspension is by four trailing arms and a panhard rod. Although the components are not exactly the same, there is a lot of parts interchangeability between the Y60 and the Y61. Bushes are the same, front lower control arms are the same, I think the panhard rods are the same. Rear trailing arms are the same length and can interchange, but the Y61's have damper weights on them.

Shocks are the same, but there is quite a variety of coils depending on weight (but they are interchangeable), and there is quite a variety of stabilizer setups too. With the right spring and sway bar combo, the rear axle is capable of a lot of flex. I believe more than any similar vehicle on the market. Front flex is more restricted, but again assuming the right spring and sway bar setup, I believe it is second only to the Jeep Wrangler, but probably similar to several others.

The Safari had a divorced transfer case with offset diffs front and rear.
All Y60 and Y61 models have basically the same transfer case. It mounts directly to the gearbox, and is an old-fashioned part-time 4x4 setup. Drive to the rear axle goes straight out the back, and drive to the front is offset through a chain. Three modes can be selected, 2H, 4H and 4L. Transfer ratio is 2:1. 4H can be selected at speeds up to 80km/h as long as the hubs have been manually locked.

Speaking of hubs, both manual and auto are available. They are interchangeable if you like. Auto hubs can be manually locked and should be in tough conditions.
Most wagons have a locker in the rear axle, those that don't have a limited slip diff.

There are basically three gearboxes available. 5-speed manual (all are basically the same but with small differences between models), a three-speed-plus-overdrive Auto fitted to 3L Diesel and 4.2 and 4,5L petrol models, and a 5-speed tiptronic box found only on the 4.8 GRX.

Hope that helps?
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Re: Introduce Yourself

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