Aux tank light

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Aux tank light

Post by Oetie »

Last Saturday my son and I tried to get the front speakers of my Patrol working as they only work intermittently... in the process we removed the radio to check the wires and connections at the back but could not find the fault...

After the radio was placed back and all covers re-fitted, when i started the vehicle the aux tank light stayed on and the aux tank button would not work, ie not allow me to pump fuel from the aux tank to the main tank... so i did a google search and found a thread on the Aus Patrol forum where they said one should disconnect the negative of the battery for a while and that it will be re-set when connecting again...

So today I did just that, disconnected the negative for about 20 minutes, reconnected the battery an voila, aux light goes off and aux button working again, pumping fuel from aux to main tank!

Just thought I will share this should someone else runs into the this problem...

As for the radio... will worry about it the day i replace the unit with a double din unit sometime in the future.
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