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by Ross
25 Nov 2009 11:03
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Patrol Death/Steering Wobble – Trouble Shooting & Fix

Hi All, I have started this thread to document my experience in solving the annoying steering wobble that afflicts many Patrols in the 80km/h – 110km/h speed range (Sometimes referred to as the Death Wobble on the Aussie forums). The thread is the result of my personal experience, and also draws fro...
by Jorrie
19 May 2016 11:10
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Re: SANDWANI 14 May 2016

Mark White Nissan het dit geborg!
by Peter Connan
10 Jun 2016 10:44
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If it ever happens you are welcome to borrow mine.

Marnus (Marakasmalan) did this last year. Tends to be a struggle as the bolt rusts, then the nut rips loose inside the bumpstop. If this happens just grind right through the rubber.
by Brett Bignoux
15 Jun 2016 20:13
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Re: Patrol GU front wheel studs..

HELLO FANUS . For your front studs , you can knock them out with a hammer . You do need to remove the wheel though . Turn your hub to a point where the stud will clear the caliper and bracket when you knock it out . Before knocking OR pulling in the new stud , wiggle the stud in and try to feel if t...
by Picasso
28 Sep 2016 16:43
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Re: Eliminating barn door squeaks..

I guess the squeaks and rattles is all about the play of different components which have developed over the years Let me start of by saying that I will not be able to give a perfect formula as to how to fix a certain issue; I will only be able to give you some pointers based on my own experiences. W...
by David M
23 Sep 2016 11:06
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I really like the way it is not over complicated.

One suggestion is to cut a trapdoor under the bottom drawer so that you do not need to remove the system if you need to get to the fuel pump.
by Jorrie
25 Sep 2016 19:55
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Re: Kungwini 4x4

More pics from Kungwini
IMG_7223 (640x427).jpg
IMG_7224 (640x427).jpg
IMG_7209 (640x427).jpg
IMG_7230 (640x427).jpg
IMG_7241 (640x427).jpg
IMG_7244 (640x427).jpg
IMG_7250 (640x427).jpg
IMG_7252 (640x427).jpg
IMG_7260 (640x427).jpg