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New Patrol: would you launch it into market?

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Re: New Patrol: would you launch it into market?

Postby Peter Connan » 27 Jul 2017 21:13

Alex Roux wrote:So onwards we go to a world of

complex-expensive-softroading-low-emmissions-low-profile-IFS plastic rubbish

Nope, onwards we go into a world of keeping our old beasts alive, through whetever means necessary...

Mag ons ons kenniskry met lekkerkry aanhoukry.
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Re: New Patrol: would you launch it into market?

Postby biggles » 04 Aug 2017 19:03

Get Kingsley Holgate one. Tell him there is a truck load of mosquito nets in the back...

Or restart the camel trophy.

Get Armani to redo the interior and punt it to Sandton housewives.
With great Power comes Great Fuel Consumption
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