Would you drive with this tyre?

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Russ Kellermann
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Re: Would you drive with this tyre?

Post by Russ Kellermann » 31 Aug 2015 23:04

Alex Roux wrote:
Russ Kellermann wrote:Appreciate and respect a person who has the balls to ask this on a forum and/or group of likeminded folk as it shows we dont all know it all and are always willing to take others advice.
Stay safe boet. Chuck that tyre.

Unlike certain other forums, this is a safer environment, so one is not made to look silly when raising simple questions! :salute:
Exactly mate. :thumbup:
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Re: Would you drive with this tyre?

Post by Wilkie » 01 Sep 2015 07:46

Daai binnelose buite band hou jy net vir n memory van die lekker trip wat jy gehad het,
watter brand en size is daai band.ek het n splinternuwe 235/85/16 BF Goodridge M/T as iemand vir my n donasie wil maak :thumbup:

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Re: Would you drive with this tyre?

Post by JoshJ » 01 Sep 2015 10:28


I just phoned the guy I always get tyres from. he gave me prices on 33 inch tyres that he has in stock. the size is 285/75/16.

BF Goodrich KM2 - R3190
BF Goodrich A/T - R2990
Cooper ST MAXX - R3390

this is not a special price or any discount, its his normal price. he normally discounts when you go their to fit.
unfortunately he doesn't have any stock of other brands in stock at the moment. they will be cheaper as these 2 brands are most expensive. He is in Leslie/Leandra not to far from Nigel. their number is 0176830294.
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Alex Roux
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Re: Would you drive with this tyre?

Post by Alex Roux » 01 Sep 2015 14:42

Thanks Josh

It may not be a special price, but it sounds very reasonable.
I take the Coopers very seriously.
Just waiting for a few more prices.
Skilpad & Shortie

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Re: Would you drive with this tyre?

Post by ricster » 01 Sep 2015 14:50

Alex, I sent you a whatsapp from Kumho earlier
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Pieter B
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Re: Would you drive with this tyre?

Post by Pieter B » 02 Sep 2015 08:56

Kumho KL71 R3170

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