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Re: Patrol low speed squeek

Postby Wilkie » 29 Jun 2015 12:20

Hi Guys,Just an important bit of info on handbrakes
when you take your car in for a service ,and you ask them"pse check the brakes aswell",that new parts fitter guy that is now "servicing" your car checks the hand brakes pulls up more than 3 clicks.....
what does he do,sort cut !!!! adjust the handbrake cable shorter till you can only get 1 click on the handbrake lever :redface: :redface: :redface:
the handbrake cable is there to assist with the routing of the braking mechanism and not to take the slack up between the brake drum and linings
the correct way is ,not to be lazy,jack the rear wheels of the ground,so that the wheels to spin,
SLACK the handbrake cable adjuster off (normally inside the car at handbrake lever),make sure car is in neutral and the prop can turn
THEN adjust the handbrake adjuster at the handbrake drum,till it locks the rear prop ,then slowly release the adjuster till prop turns without grabbing.once you happy ,and only then, do you adjust the handbrake cable.
Hope this will help
:salute: :salute:
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Re: Patrol low speed squeek

Postby Clem » 29 Jun 2015 14:16

Very helpful post, thank you.
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