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Re: Fire Extinguisher?

Postby biggles » 03 May 2014 08:30

How easy are these to set off? They look quite difficult.

Don't get me wrong... difficult is good!! I have a 2 year old who loves climbing all over "Daddies Big Beep" and he already got the safety pin out of the fire extinguisher in the passenger door cubby!!
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Re: Fire Extinguisher?

Postby Tinus lotz » 03 May 2014 12:44

Piet Connan had a petrol fire on his engine a while ago .....he used one to kill it maybe let him give you some feedback? ??
I think is also wise to have more readily available because when you need it you need it fast.....
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Re: Fire Extinguisher?

Postby Clem » 03 May 2014 13:19

Biggles, per the instructions on mine, you have to remove a rear cover and strike the front with it - kind of like a giant match. So not so easy at all.
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Re: Fire Extinguisher?

Postby Peter Connan » 05 May 2014 17:54

No way it's going to get set off accidentally.
conversely though, it only takes a few seconds to do when you need it.
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