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Re: Pimply dash

Postby Tinus lotz » 18 Nov 2013 21:38

mine is looking cool too cost 2200 and looks a million dollars will post some pics later :salute:
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Tinus lotz
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Re: Pimply dash

Postby Rob Marussi » 20 May 2015 20:08

Please let me know what dealership to contact or if there is anyone in particular to contact at Nissan SA regarding the pimply dash I would really like to get mine sorted out, even if there is a bit to pay in. :think:

Thanks all
Rob Marussi
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Re: Pimply dash

Postby ricster » 21 May 2015 08:29

You can try Mark White Nissan ( not sure where in JHB you are ). Speak to Gavin. Tell him that one of the guys from the Nissan Off Road Club told you to speak to him. Keep us posted on your progress especially if you hit a wall with them. Then I will send an email to the Nissan SA on your behalf. This usually works wonders. There may be a labour charge from Nissan, but am unsure on this point.
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Re: Pimply dash

Postby JoshJ » 07 Jun 2015 11:22

hi guys,

I was scrolling through the Patrol reference doc and cam across the following. maybe it can be of some assistance to someone.

"Nissan have extended the warranties out on the dashes until 6
years, or close depending on the dealer you talk to. There is also a campaign number, quote
that if you are in the range:
Campaign AWB-008/10 VIN range JN1TCSY61A0360001 - JN1TCSY61A0365922" "

it seem like 6 years from 2005. so it is out of the warranty period but maybe the campaign number cam help
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