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new Patrol owner - unresponsive & evasive Nissan dealer

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Re: new Patrol owner - unresponsive & evasive Nissan dealers

Postby Tinus lotz » 28 Mar 2013 11:54

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Tinus lotz
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Re: new Patrol owner - unresponsive & evasive Nissan dealer

Postby Jorrie » 29 Mar 2013 00:00

I am glad for you and hope the rest to come turns out well too.
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Re: new Patrol owner - unresponsive & evasive Nissan dealer

Postby Nino62 » 29 Mar 2013 00:14

Thanks guys.... :thumbup:
Got the Troll back late this afternoon, and didn't have daylight and time to pack for the 500+km trip in the morning (away West Coast long weekend again), but will have to start at sparrow's "drizzle" in the morning... better late than never :lol:

The Troll is purring her usual self again, and I hope the repair weld to the l/h turbo exh. pipe to r/h side, has been done well and strong...
Still waiting for the other minor repairs to be carried out after our return next week...

Oh yes, the ABS dash light that came on, seems to have been an ABS vacuum pipe, l/h side, on the firewall... the light is off now, after reconnection. I'll have to check that the ABS is still operational and correct... :wink:

I wish you all a pleasant and SAFE Easter weekend, and God's blessings... :woo:
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Re: new Patrol owner - unresponsive & evasive Nissan dealer

Postby Herrie » 29 Mar 2013 07:33

Enjoy your long weekend and you will enjoy the Patrol as well!
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