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Small Metal LATHE wanted...

Posted: 23 Apr 2016 20:01
by hugejp
Howzit Guys...

I am searching for a small'ish bench lathe. Maybe something a step up from a hobby lathe.

I have been watching the classifieds for ages now & have not yet found anything that's fits my needs or my budget.

Does anybody have a machine collecting dust or know of someone who may be looking to swing one?

I want to do small jobs, mostly little things for various motorcycle projects.

Any help or advice would be very welcome!



Re: Small Metal LATHE wanted...

Posted: 24 Apr 2016 07:37
by Michael
JP, I know how you feel...... I also want the exact same thing.
Turned a new fuel pin for my Patrol the other day on a friends lathe and wish I hade one

Re: Small Metal LATHE wanted...

Posted: 24 Apr 2016 07:57
by hugejp
That's the story!

It's having to go to a friends shop everytime I need a little spacer made or to clean up a shaft etc.etc.

I would love to have it on hand at home.