Viscous fan for 4.2Diesel wanted

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Re: Viscous fan for 4.2Diesel wanted

Post by raka » 21 Sep 2009 12:31

Hi guys, thank you for all the info and offers !Sorry i was a bit out of reach since i posted this thread.
I dont actually need the fan-blade, only the viscous coupling.What is interesting is that my current fan has 8 blades and not 7 as with the newer GU 4.2d patrols.I remember my previous 99 trol 4.2d also had a 7 blade fan.Pieter i might take you up on your offer.Tomorrow the patrol is going in for a suspension upgrade, so i will have to postpone for a week or 2.Will post some pre and after fotos later.
Thanx again for all the reply's

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