Patrol 4.2, possibly 4.5 wanted

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Re: Patrol 4.2, possibly 4.5 wanted

Post by hugejp » 27 Dec 2017 08:36

Picasso wrote:
27 Dec 2017 08:23
That one is a "project car"

I don't think its wort repairing.
The asking price + repair-cost (proper repair) will be much more than the trading value of the vehicle.
The whole front is F... incl. the frame.

I think this vehicle is only good as a donor vehicle...

Apparently he has got a potential buyer for 160k. :think:



Front end is a bit sqiff...

Doesnt match up properly, so beware.

You CAN with a NISSAN!

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Re: Patrol 4.2, possibly 4.5 wanted

Post by pgreeff » 03 Jan 2018 21:08

pgreeff wrote:
25 Dec 2017 20:44
2005 Nissan Patrol 3.0TD GL for sale

Gents, I know I've indicated my desire for the 4.8 auto, but give me an honest opinion of the above Patrol. 221 000 Km, 2005 model 3.0 TD.
I ended up contacting the dealership. It definitely sounds like the engine needs work. Lots of smoke and it is lazy. I was very surprised that they were so forthcoming. No service history, and the engine may need work. It could be nothing, but it may need a rebuild. Not what I need at this time in my life.

I've seen a few nice looking GQs, I've spotted a few 4.2 diesels, turbo and normally aspirated in good nick, but not many 4.8s. Every now and then I am tempted to grab one of the good looking GQs to play with in the mean time... But sensibility prevails. The hunt continues.
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