Value, Resale, Prestige of the Patrol

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Value, Resale, Prestige of the Patrol

Post by DMH » 14 Dec 2017 12:21

Hey All

This is probably not the best place to post this - but it refers directly to the post about the '91 GQ SWB below. Just thought I'd start a new thread so we could delve into it further.

That particular vehicle is to many The Holy Grail of Patrols.

And yes, everyone is dying to get their hands on one, at the right price. Which is the lowest price possible. Which would be good for the individual. But not so much for the cachet and prestige of the Patrol name. Based on the rarity alone, this Troll should sell for a significant premium. With all those trick extras, maybe R200k is the number it should command. That would cement it's place in history - with all our tongues wagging, and bragging on other forums, it creates hype and a name for all Trolls. Heck, I'm certain the buyer would even easily get it featured on a 4x4 mag / car show - and it would command the cover of the mag, and not just for the price! And imagine what That does for the brand and resale of all our Trolls?

R200k for such an old Troll sets a precedent, breaks a psychological barrier, and is a catalyst to get Trolls more desirable and pick up resale. I think we should rally behind such examples - put them up on a pedestal, boast about them, get them featured everywhere possible - let others see and feel and become intoxicated by it all, the same way we are. End of the day, a heck of a lot of it is subjective and emotional - whichever brand you go with - but we know ours is rather special :wink:

That's what I think about it, but I'm just a noob when it comes to all this and I got carried away with my musings above (which is why collectibles can skyrocket in value - too much getting carried away!) - what are your thoughts folks?


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Re: Value, Resale, Prestige of the Patrol

Post by Alex Roux » 14 Dec 2017 12:31

I agree, if the re-sale value of Patrols go up, there is more to celebrate by us all than to criticise.
I think the "negative" feedback on that particular sale was more to help rather than to suppress or just to be negative for negative's sake.
If it stays on the market for too long and the comments are proven right, then the price will eventually come down in any event.

Speaking of the holy grail, if that spec is that desirable, note that you can buy a LWB GQ for around 70k and get it cut in half (professionally) by Quantum for another 60k.
The resulting SWB looks the real thing.
It may not sell as well as a factory built SWB, but close enough at an affordable price. There are simply too few shorties in the country for it to be a considered a market in its own right.
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Re: Value, Resale, Prestige of the Patrol

Post by Peter Connan » 14 Dec 2017 13:37

With the likely imminent demise of the Y61 in favour of the Y62, i don't think increasing the prices of second-hand Patrols is in any of our best interests.

For one thing, I doubt it will make any difference to Nissan's total lack of commitment to these cars. Since Nissan don't carry much stock of spares, and over-price a lot of what they do stock, that means that most of us will have to become more and more reliant on second-hand spares.

The higher the second-hand price, the fewer vehicles become available as "spares donors".

Thus, if the prices of second-hand Patrol suddenly doubled, we would gain in only two ways. Firstly, if we wanted to sell cars we already own, to replace them with something else (note, not another Patrol, as this would then bite rather than help us), and secondly if we are trying to justify our cars at a braai or on some other forum.

I contend that is a fruitless exercise, as nobody is ever convinced by argument. If you want to convince somebody your Patrol is better, just go and show him.

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Re: Value, Resale, Prestige of the Patrol

Post by Theuhan1 » 15 Dec 2017 10:05


This is a Noble idea, but unfortunately price is determined by supply and demand, and to artificially inflate the price of our vehicle’s will make them less desirable, therefore it would have the opposite effect to your intention.

I agree that we need to praise the vehicle’s attributes and use them for what they are intended.

Plus point for the solid axle Patrol’s with the launch of the new Patrol, if you compare Defender/Disco, 79/200 Cruiser, G-wagon/ML the old school keep better value, and in some instances actually increase in value.

So go to all the launches of the new Patrol in your old Patrol, show the public how good they last and low there maintenance is, and the price of the old Patrol will climb.

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Re: Value, Resale, Prestige of the Patrol

Post by graham1 » 15 Dec 2017 13:15

Creative idea,

But I must disagree on it. I think that alot of us, or at least me, brag about, and are very proud of being a patrol owner particularly because a used one is such good value for money. We're the clever ones.

For example, I would be rather embarrassed to tell people I spent R300k on a land cruiser with over 200000kms. Normal people would think Im sick in the head.

With the Patrol, when people ask me what the consumption is, and then what the mileage is, and theyre in total shock from these ridiculous numbers, then I tell them what i bought it for and they immediately change there tune to be very impressed again.

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