1991 Nissan SWB TD42

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Re: 1991 Nissan SWB TD42

Post by DMH » 14 Dec 2017 12:05

As someone said above - this is the Holy Grail of Trolls.

And yes, everyone is dying to get their hands on one, at the right price. Which is the lowest price possible. Which would be good for the individual. But not for the cachet and prestige of the Patrol name. Based on the rarity alone, this Troll should sell for a significant premium. With all those trick extras, R200k is the number it should command. That would cement it's place in history - with all our tongues wagging, and bragging on other forums, it creates hype and a name for all Trolls. Heck, I'm certain the buyer would even easily get it featured on a 4x4 mag - and it would command the cover of the mag, and not just for the price! And imagine what That does for the brand and resale of all our Trolls? R200k sets a precedent, breaks a psychological barrier, and is a catalyst to get Trolls more desirable and pick up resale

So I'm glad you weren't cajoled into dropping your price bud! And I hope one of the more well-heeled members on here decides to splash out on her - it'll be good for all of us! :biggrin:

Please do post more pics of her - we've only just begun drooling

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