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Please tell us about yourself :-)
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Full Name: Elizabeth Uys
Nickname: Liz
Home Town: Pretoria
Current 4x4: None. Paparazzi only!
Home Language: Afrikaans
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Liz Uys (Lizzybean69)

Post by Lizzybean69 » 01 Mar 2017 15:56

1. Name: Full Name (Nickname/Registered Name)
Liz Uys (Lizzybean69)

2. Birthday and Age:
6 August 1969 - currently 47

3. Town and Country of residence:
Pretoria SA

4. Home Language:

5. Occupation/Business:
Military Practitioner
Or Government Agent

6. Family status:

7. Membership - Other 4X4 Clubs and Forums:

8. Current 4x4:
None. I don't think an Audi A1 counts as 4x4. It can't even park on the pavement. But my boots can walk any 4x4 trail - it enjoyed Wolwekloof very much

9. Current Mods:
Again, none

10. Mods on wish list:
Sorry, I have to go for "none" again

11. Vehicle on wish list:
A fully paid one with a full tank of petrol

12. Previous 4x4's:
OK this is getting tedious - NONE. Again

13. Last 3 offroad or overland destinations:
De Wildt, Kungwini, Sandwani. I won't add Wolwekloof as I walked most of the trail

14. Your favourite destination:
Anywhere except Wolwekloof
Anywhere with good company

15. Other hobbies:
Photography, sewing

16. GPSr and Map Data used:
Don't know what is "r" is for but I have a Garmin and Base Camp

17. Rate your 4X4 and overlanding experience:
When we talk about walking and taking pics of the experience, then "excellent". In terms of actually driving the 4x4, then I've done the "oorkruisgate" at De Wildt and a couple of the obstacles on the academic track at Sandwani

18. Online Photo Site:
Huh? If you mean where I post my pics, then the answer is "on Jorrie's computer". But now that I'm registered on this site (thanks Admin) I'll be posting them here.

19. Photos of you and your Vehicle:

Patrolman 1000+
Patrolman 1000+
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Full Name: Fanus
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Re: Liz Uys (Lizzybean69)

Post by SJC » 01 Mar 2017 21:29

"Military Practitioner
Or Government Agent"
Should we be concerned about this? :surprised: :lol:
(I am slightly concerned to be honest....note to self: be carefull what you type!.... :helpsign: :rolling: )
"8. Current 4x4:
... it enjoyed Wolwekloof very much"
"14. Your favourite destination:
Anywhere except Wolwekloof"

:surprised: :think: WWW

Welcome .... :biggrin: :thumbup:

Anthony Forgey
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Senior Member
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Full Name: Anthony Forgey
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Re: Liz Uys (Lizzybean69)

Post by Anthony Forgey » 02 Mar 2017 06:28

Hi Liz

welcome to this dodgy group. :lol:
'98 Patrol 4.2D (turbo added)

Intelligence is measured in smarts, stature is measured in hearts

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