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Re: East Africa Trip 2020

Posted: 22 Feb 2018 05:06
by JohnBoyZA
Hi Johann,

wow, klink na n lekker trip! Some great advice above.
I am currently at a mine site on the Mara River and spent the past 8 years in and out of Tanz. On the routing side I can provide some recommendations and have many contacts in Tanzanie/Uganda that can also help, especially wrt mechanical issues for both Patrol and Cruiser. The community here is tight knit and will be more than willing to assist. 'They' are right, both Toy and Nissan have service centres in major cities, however, most expats take their vehicle to bush mechanics - that should say something. I recently sold by Prado in Dar and it was well serviced, however, you need to know where to take it. 3 of the mines sites I visit in rural areas have excellent workshops, 1 patrols and the other 2 cruiser support. Chat to me closer to the time and I will supply you will some contact names and numbers.

The attached p/u is less than 3 years old with 30k km. The door was ripped off recently. Choose your route wisely :thumbup: