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Faces of Namib - Roof Tent vs Ground Tent

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Re: Faces of Namib - Roof Tent vs Ground Tent

Postby Jules » 21 Apr 2017 13:59

How many km is a faces of Namibia trip ?
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Re: Faces of Namib - Roof Tent vs Ground Tent

Postby Kagiso II » 21 Apr 2017 22:35

We did Faces of the Namib in THOR a few years back [that photo won me the Patrol Photo competition too :biggrin: :biggrin: )

At the time we had the BUNDUTEC rooftent on, so it was just "press the button - and 40 seconds later you can climb in your bed
BUT .. a rooftent is NOT critical. Others in the group used ground tents -- URI adventures leaves ENOUGH time in their planning for pitching tents on arrival and breaking camp in the mornings --
If in winter, a tent is a MUSt .. minus 10 is fffffffrekkk koud bro.

If I could go again I would pick the warmer months and just take a bedroll.

Jules -- distance?? dunno, it takes 5 days
I took THOR with the tank filled at Solitaire plus 100 litres [two Jerry and a 60 litre plastic] -- I had 7 litres left in the tank on arrival in Walvis.
For the uninformed .. THOR is a 4,2 GQ.. 'n ROOIE
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