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Temperature Sensor Faulty

Posted: 08 Nov 2018 11:10
by Africa_Trekker
Hi Everyone,

I took my Patrol to Nissan Windhoek yesterday and got it back this morning. All they did was to replace the airbag as there was something on their system that said it had to be replaced under recall...for their account.

I got the car back, firstly I had some change in the ash tray (R20ish)...gone!!! (my bad for assuming the best) Then I saw that the temperature reading in the top compass cluster was reading 9C! But it is 29C at the moment! How do they screw up the outside temperature gauge on an airbag replacement? Is there a way to reset it? Compass seems ok.

Please help!

Re: Temperature Sensor Faulty

Posted: 08 Nov 2018 20:23
by Pieter B
Isn't that temp sensor located on the dashpad at the base of the windscreen? Maybe they screwed up the wiring. My airbag is also on order, but this is exactly why I'm a bit reluctant to have it done.