Barn door not opening on remote

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Re: Barn door not opening on remote

Post by biggles » 23 Sep 2017 09:53

Rhett wrote::lol:
Glad you got it sorted!

By the way, where did you grease after stripping it, because I might have made a mistake? I stripped all the mechanisms recently as well, but decided to leave everything 'ungreased' when I put it together.

My thinking was that the grease ended up attracting dust and dirt and would again become a sticky paste which kept everything from operating smoothly. But I'm pretty dumb and I reckon that might not have been a great move.
Yes I was also thinking the same, greasing was a last resort as I couldn't see what was causing the problem and I thought maybe the sum of all the dry joints was the issue. If it gets stiff again I will strip and clean up.
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