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GQ headlights dead!

Posted: 09 Sep 2016 07:25
by DawidT
Hi All,

I need some assistance please. My headlights on the GQ just stopped working. I tested it to the best of my miner ability last night but can not sort it out.
When I switch the lights on, only the park lights front and tail lights come on (1st notch on the light switch) The second notch - main beam, dim and bright does not work. I managed to remove the switch assembly and opened it up, cleaning the contactors, but no luck - all seems fine and test through to the connector block?? not too sure about my skills.... If I bridge the contacts on the switch, the lights, dim and bright comes on! This made me think that it is not a wiring issue or relay? Could it be a bum switch? :think:

I can get a switch from a 4.5 GU, is it similar to the GQ?

Re: GQ headlights dead!

Posted: 09 Sep 2016 07:29
by Tinus lotz
Jip klink soos die switch ...praat ma met dawid ....ek dink ook die 4.5 skakelaar kan werk :oldtimer:

Re: GQ headlights dead!

Posted: 09 Sep 2016 07:52
by iandvl
What Tinus said.

If the lights are coming on when your bridge the switch contacts, then everything harness / fuse etc-wise is working perfectly. Not sure whether a 4.5 switch will work, so try it (and let us know), or ping Dawid and get a spare from him. :)