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Re: My guilty secret

Posted: 19 Oct 2015 17:22
by Peter Connan
Jonathan, daar is 'n breedvoerige verduideliking en bespreking (met prentjies) hier:

Re: My guilty secret

Posted: 20 Oct 2015 08:12
by jonathan
Dankie Peter. Baie interesant. As ek reg verstaan dan het jy die aanheg punt van die control arms op die as afgegrind? Is die enigste aanhegting van die control arms aan die as dan daardie pivot punt in die middel (wanneer jy die locking pin uitrek)? Indien so moet daardie pivot dan taamlik stewig wees! Is daar ook 'n bush daar of het hy bearing?

Jammer vir al die vrae, jy het dit seker al 1000 maal verduidelik elders!

Re: My guilty secret

Posted: 20 Oct 2015 17:15
by Peter Connan
Jonathan, the agterste busse is nog steeds aan die as gekoppel, dis net die voorstes wat verwyder word.

Ek het Vesconite busse op die pivot gebruik (met ander woorde effektief non-flexible busse), geseel met wiper seels.

Re: My guilty secret

Posted: 25 Oct 2015 16:05
by Peter Connan
While at Hennops on Saturday I did some measuring. We parked the Patrols we had on the same axle twister, all with a wheel in the air (thus maximum un-assisted flex), and then I measured the distance between the front shock mounts on both sides. Unfortunately, there wasn't a single completely un-modified vehicle in the group, but the results were interesting. I have interpolated these results to determine flax at the track width, and the results are as follows:

Tinus (4.8 with standard bushes, anti-sway bar and OME shocks): 134mm
Michael (4.2D GU with poly bushes, no anti-sway bar and OME shocks): 151mm
Dirk (4.2D GQ with TJM 90mm lift, standard bushes and extended sway bar): 251mm
Me (petrol GQ with standard bushes, OME shocks, no sway bar): 285mm

What was quite interesting was that all except Dirk had very similar shock extended lengths (530-550mm) on the stretched side (Dirk had 610mm), while all the cars except mine had very similar measurements on the compressed side (440-460mm), while mine compressed a lot more, almost going coil-bound (380mm).

On the other hand, there were no obstacles that I couldn't do before that I can do now, probably because there are no obstacles at Hennops that I couldn't do before.

But I did notice that on the two most serious obstacles, where I used to need just a little bit of momentum, I could now accomplish at slowest possible speed, and without diff lock (I used that only once, trying a new line that I have never tried before) There was definitely more traction up the steep rocky climb by-passing the water hole, which is usually the only place my car has to work for it's jam at Hennops.

On the downside, I will have to re-design my lockout mechanism...

Re: My guilty secret

Posted: 25 Oct 2015 16:24
by Alex Roux
Hi Piet

This is the difference before installing longer shocks, right?
Would there still be space under the engine bay for longer shocks, without more significant mods inside the engine bay to make space for the shocks?

Re: My guilty secret

Posted: 25 Oct 2015 16:43
by Peter Connan
Alex, it is obvious from the above that Dirk's shocks are substantially longer, and they don't protrude into the engine bay.

What I don't know is how far they can compress, IE whether or not they allow the standard bump-stops to still do their work without going solid first.

But the X-link had only pivoted by about 15mm at the ends, so it can certainly handle more.

The other trick of course is that, since you have a 50mm body lift, you can already use shocks at least that much longer compressed, thus at least that much longer in stroke. And that would already give you 80mm or so more travel at the wheels.

The other tricky bit is that I still need to figure out at what point the standard springs will fall out...

Re: My guilty secret

Posted: 30 Oct 2015 07:17
by Michael
This was really a very interesting day and I was really suprised how much Dirk's GQ flexes.......really impressive!
The X-link is clearly a winner as it flexes more with less mods to the shocks and coils

I want to now investigate the option of extending my shock mounts so that I can fit longer shocks, I think it will be an affordable way to achive a bit more flex

Re: My guilty secret

Posted: 07 Nov 2015 16:24
by martyn
Peter, we now need to get pricing for the components to this X-Link system from you. Plus if it will fit the Gu and Gq.

Re: My guilty secret

Posted: 07 Nov 2015 18:25
by Peter Connan
Charles, I am not quite there yet. I think something like this needs some thorough testing.

Re: My guilty secret

Posted: 14 Nov 2015 11:26
by martyn
Peter. I volunteer my Patrol as a test vehicle. Except I haven't driven her for so long she tries to kick me when I walk past her.