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2.8 diesel reputation

Posted: 19 Mar 2017 21:06
by DH70
Hi guys
A friend referred me to someone with a 2.8 (6cyl) who wants to chop the roof off for game viewing. Body/interior is apparently spotless, so perhaps worth making an offer before they hack it apart. However, I don't know anything about this motor and was hoping to get some feedback here.

I have limited info so far, but will know more during the course of the week. One owner, 240K km, engine overheated at some stage and new one fitted (most km done on old motor), 2.8d 6cyl, non turbo (really?!). First thing I'll enquire about is the replacement motor of course.

Re: 2.8 diesel reputation

Posted: 20 Mar 2017 07:48
by iandvl
My understanding of the 2.8D's is that they are pretty bullet proof - provided properly cared for (like most motors). From what I've read on some oz forums and similar, overheating tends to be the killer, with a bunch of reports of cracked heads and similar. Installing something to monitor EGT's (madmax etc) should allow you to adjust your driving when the temperatures get too high. Other than that, not many complaints from what I've seen.

I'd worry a little about the "new" motor. Was it a second hand motor, an import or rebuild ? If the former, do you have any idea of the mileage prior to it being installed ? If the latter, is there any way of finding out who did the rebuild ?

That said, I'm really not a diesel expert. Pretty sure someone much more knowledgeable on the subject will be around shortly... :)

Re: 2.8 diesel reputation

Posted: 20 Mar 2017 13:51
by Kagiso II
Hi Donald
Have a look at this posting first --( viewtopic.php?f=66&t=6841 ) and also search for related poats by Stobi de .. het has/had a 2,8 Patrol [the 260 serie, GQ shape, import from Europe with which he had endless problems [bad mechanics work on his engine]
A wahule back he was stuck in Nam with the 2.8 and sort of wanted to GIVE it away in exhange for getting it back to RSA -- IF it is that vehicle I would think twice .. BUT if it is low low low priced, grab it, replace that engine with a TERRANO 2,7 engine, let REEENEN KRITZINGER or MICHAEL assist you to optimal that engine and you will have e beaut of Patrol for a lifetime...

Re: 2.8 diesel reputation

Posted: 20 Mar 2017 14:33
by DH70
Thanks for the feedback so far. Spoke to owner today, turns out the replacement motor is not the Patrol 2.8. A German mechanic (will get details later) from Joburg area fitted a non turbo 2.8 motor which has done about 20000km since fitted.
How much (fitted) would one of the previously mentioned or any other decent option be (rough estimate)?

The owner doesn't know much about engines (like me), so he got it wrong by saying the new motor isn't Nissan. I got pics of it and it appears to be a RD28 (no turbo). Apparently super pap, much worse than the original turbo version. The RD28 seems to have a good reputation, but not sure I can live with something even papper than my 4.2D

Owner bought vehicle around 2001 brand new in Zambia, moved back to SA and registered it here, so one owner, stock standard, well looked after. My in laws know the owner very well, so I have peace of mind in that department. Motor overheated at 220 000km, new motor fitted 20 000km ago.

Not having seen the 2.8 before, I have no idea about value. Assuming it is a clean vehicle, any ideas about value?

Re: 2.8 diesel reputation

Posted: 20 Mar 2017 14:59
by hugejp
I guess it comes down to price & condition.

The 2.8 is a tough old school vehicle, I think Oom Mac's Lobo has done way over a million kms...

At the end of the day, it's like any car deal - do your homework, get the price down & anticipate some unexpected issues.

Re: 2.8 diesel reputation

Posted: 20 Mar 2017 15:51
by Kagiso II
If you can contact REENEN KRITZINGER [either here or FaceBook] he is better informed that me on the Nissan engines
The Safari shape Nissan Patrol / Safari diesel came with the LD28 motor, non turbo and you cannot turbo the LD 28 but yoy CAN turbo the RD 28 [much more modern engine and also BIG POWER if you get it to the right fundi

PLEASE put some pictures of the body of this Patrol 2,8 [and B T W .. how much they wanting for it ?]

My LOBO is the L28 [PETROL] but has Fuel injection [off a 280 Z engine] and has done over 1,3 million KM

Re: 2.8 diesel reputation

Posted: 24 Mar 2017 13:00
by DH70
Thanks for the everyone's feedback. As these things go, the owner isn't selling anymore.