Y61 4500EFI / Cummins 6BT swop

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Re: Y61 4500EFI / Cummins 6BT swop

Post by Allbilt » 02 Feb 2017 18:53

Ok, since my last post i did a TD 42 swop, what a breeze, everything fits and works perfect, but it is a TD 42, there are many around and it was no challenge so i went and bought a Cummins 6BT anyway, stripped it and started the mods.
The sump will get proper baffles to sort out the angle problem, Komatsu use them in loaders and excavators, they handle good angles with a baffled sump.
I've ordered spring kits & a fuel pin to bump the RPM to a safe 3500, 4000 is max, but we won't go there yet.
The Turbo compressor and exhaust wheels needs to be changed for more high RPM boost, we will take it up slowly, this setup can do 1000nm and 550 hp, but i need consumption more than hP, we will tune it to 650nm and about 360 hp for now.
I managed to find a set of 3.5 ratio diffs, that should give me about 2000rpm at 120km/h in top gear on my 33" tyres, torque peak is at 1500 rpm, so it is ideal
I've started with the adaptor flanges, i will post some pics as the parts starts to come together

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Re: Y61 4500EFI / Cummins 6BT swop

Post by Michael » 02 Feb 2017 19:40

Awesome Allan.......cant wait for the pics!!
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Re: Y61 4500EFI / Cummins 6BT swop

Post by pascalkreuger » 11 Nov 2017 11:00

So whats the latest on the 6bt?! I will pay you to do the conversion on mine. 😁😀😅

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Re: Y61 4500EFI / Cummins 6BT swop

Post by hugejp » 11 Nov 2017 12:01

You are changing to 3.5 ratios... what about your old ratios??
What diffs & ratios are they & what condition?

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Re: Y61 4500EFI / Cummins 6BT swop

Post by Tinus lotz » 11 Nov 2017 14:59

Spoke to Allan a while ago he said his work keeps him busy he needs time off to work on the patrol ....gonna be a great one cant wait any more to see it go

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