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Re: Bring Nissan SA to the Party

Posted: 18 Nov 2009 16:47
by JG Shields
If I am not mistaken, the forum already has more than 200 members??? On what basis can we make sure Nissan know that Herrie & kie represent the majority of these members?

Re: Bring Nissan SA to the Party

Posted: 18 Nov 2009 17:24
by Kagiso II
I - for one - am in full support of these proposals. I like Wynvat's way of reasoning and will gladly co-sign and support such a collective action.
We own 3 Nissan products, and to date our experiences with Nissan dealerships have been disappointing.
Except in the case where MAGNUS Nissan fully stood in for the costs when a fan belt broke, hit the reservoir tank on the radiator and sheered it clean off [just outside Kuruman - Feb 2008, in 43 degrees, at 11:30 Am] - BUT - we had to fight a bit on that one. The service instruction specified "check & replace if needed all V-belts, Rad hoses - prepare vehicle for long trip to Namaqaland in high summer ..]
Since - we have been following Pieter, the service advisor, & Gert, to the mechanic, to the various dealers as they were moved about - thus we have now ended up with Imperial Nissan Menlyn. - and now, with Agarob standing there for weeks after the engine was destroyed due to an incorrect diagnoses from their "computer"
(they diagnosed the power loss was due to a faulty switch on the gearbox, instead it was the diesel pump that overfuelled, and durung the long trip to Botswana, 200 km north of Ghanzi, the pistons melted (actually, burnt cracks in the cylinder top)
In my claim that the expense is fir Nissan's [or the dealer's] account - I got told that it was a "non-concern" of Nissan SA, due to the milage of the vehicle [225 000Km]
bid jou dit aan --

BUT - last week Wednesday I get a call back from them - informing me that they will "review the case"
I hope to get their "reviewed" results tomorrow. - i wil keep you informed.
O K - wayyyyyyyyyyy off topic - admin is welcome to "edit & cut" on this one.
Wynvat - Oompie hoop jy raak verder aangespoor om voort te gaan met die opstel van so 'n skrywe.

Re: Bring Nissan SA to the Party

Posted: 19 Nov 2009 16:57
by JG Shields
Ek sekondeer Oompie se "hoop" en wil sommer voorstel dat Wynvat met Herrie in verbinding tree om sodoende die groter poging van stapel te stuur.

Re: Bring Nissan SA to the Party

Posted: 19 Nov 2009 17:25
by Abri Hoffman
Stem saam hier Oom Mac, Wynvat uitstekend en sterkte.

Re: Bring Nissan SA to the Party

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 10:38
by Wynvat
In view of the fact that Herrie is already involved in an initiative, and the workshop to be held at Mark White Nissan on the 28th, i think that we should wait for Herrie's feedback on what was discussed at the workshop, and take it further from there. It will probably mean that if any further action is taken, it will only happen in the new year. The fact remains: something should be done. Nissan should not be allowed to sell us R half million vehicles, but neglect to provide trained technicians to maintain them. I feel quite strongly about this, and I am prepared to assist in any such venture.

Re: Bring Nissan SA to the Party

Posted: 21 Nov 2009 22:19
by Family_Dog
Holding thumbs for you, Mac! :thumbup: :thumbup:


Re: Bring Nissan SA to the Party

Posted: 22 Nov 2009 18:03
by Kagiso II
and Friday afternoon I get the following e-mail from NISSAN SA ... so asof ek 'n bedelaar is vir finsiele "hulp" gevra het - terwyl die saak is NISSAN IS VERANTWWORDELIK VIR DIE TOTALAE UITGAWE - [ek is nou so boos ek spreek sommer in F & D & B Tale ... en voeg %$(&**(&*_)*(*^*&%^_)()*&^%^&*())*** daarby :chainsaw: :helpsos:
Hulle sal verder met my prokureur deel -

Hier is hulle brief :

Dear Mr. Mc Menamin

Re: Your Nissan Patrol: Registration Number: YJT026GP

We kindly refer to the above subject matter and our telephonic conversations in the same regard.

Thank you for contacting the Nissan South Africa Customer Support Centre as it is always a pleasure to hear form our customers first hand.

Please be kindly informed that we have taken due note of your concerns and it has been placed on our records for reference purpose.

Nissan South Africa, under the Terms and Conditions of our Warranty agreement, undertakes to provide free repair and/or replacement of defective materials or workmanship where an authorised Nissan representative has approved the liability of Nissan. The warranty agreement is also subject to the Service and Maintenance requirements as the vehicle should have the services done as outlined in the Owners Manual. Failing to have the vehicle serviced accordingly may result in the Warranty being declared null and void.

Please be assured that we have carefully and collectively reviewed your request for financial assistance from Nissan South Africa and we are able to respond as follows:-

* Your vehicle is currently in excess of 4 years in age and has recorded in excess of 100000 kilometres

* The above facts set your vehicle well outside of the Warranty Parameters

* Not all services of the vehicle were done on as per the Service Interval Requirements stated in the Nissan Warranty and Information Booklet

* It has been confirmed that there is an unauthorized modification / fitment to your vehicle being a Dastek Chip

Based on the above, please be kindly informed that Nissan South Africa is unfortunately not in the position to offer financial assistance pertaining to the necessary repairs on your vehicle. However we hereby recommend that you only use Approved Nissan Dealerships to carry out repairs and / or servicing to your vehicle as our Dealer Network only use genuine Nissan parts and guarantee their workmanship for a period of 12 months and unlimited kilometres

Not withstanding the above please be assured that Nissan South Africa undertakes to support you, our valued customer and our product at all times as we value your esteemed customer.

We trust that you find the above in order.

Kind regards,

Sylvia De Beer
Consultant: Customer Support Centre
Tel: +27 (0) 12 529 6019
Fax: +27 (0) 86 637 7881

Re: Bring Nissan SA to the Party

Posted: 22 Nov 2009 20:55
by Tjaart
Ek is jammer om dit te hoor

Dis genoeg om van te kots :left:

Re: Bring Nissan SA to the Party

Posted: 23 Nov 2009 20:43
by JG Shields
Jammer Oom Mac. Ja, dis 'n gatslag maar Oom het die regte "support" om wel bo uit te kom.

Ek wag nog vir daai lekker koffie.

Re: Bring Nissan SA to the Party

Posted: 23 Nov 2009 21:14
Hi guys, furher to my post I got a telephone call from a Danie Josling todayvia and old Navy friend at Nissan HO.
He is the technical manager of all the Nissan vehicles.
He wanted to know what are the issue's re Patrols ect , I refered him to this site. He promissed to access the site today and contact me back in due course.
According to him he is the guy in charge of all the training, bulletins ect for the Patrols.