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TB48 - spark plug change

Posted: 09 Feb 2011 09:16
by AndriesS
Here is a quick rundown on spark plug replacement on the 4.8 l Engine. Keep in mind I have the GL, which has a normal cable operated throttle, but I'm sure the auto with a fly by wire throttle won't be much different.

6 x very expensive spark plugs NGK PLFR5A-11 or cheapies LFR5A as fitted by Nissan on our Patrols :-( The 11 indicates plug gap of 1.1mm and thus you should not need to gap the plugs.

1 x manifold upper collector gasket - 14033-VC200 , about R60 from your nearest Nissan spares dept.

As with al jap cars, you need a 10mm, 12mm (spanner and socket 3/8 with 12inch extension), plugsocket (small) , flat and star screwdriver, and pliers.
I refer to spanner size not bolt size.

Remove engine tupperware (engine cover) 3 x 10mm bolts + 1 x 10mm nut
Undo and remove intake rubber hose between MAF sensor housing and throttle 1 x 10mm bolt to remove plenum .Put plenum on other side of engine.

Unclip throttle and speed control cables, undo cable bracket 2 x 10mm bolts (I did not even loosen the cables)

The inlet manifold consist of 4 pieces, I chose to split it in the middel between the upper collector and intake manifold collector - see pic.

Unclip vacuum hose in the middel and side of upper collecter part of manifold. Undo electrical connections on throttle part and remove bracket 2 * 12mm bolts ( see pic - intake manifold rear support). I suggest you do not disconenct the pipes at the bottom of throttle, I have a feeling it's water pipes.

Undo 4*12mm bolts and 2 *12mm nuts (Use magnet to withdraw bottom bolts unless you like searching for dropped bolts. Move throttle and upper collecter part to the right.

Unclip Coil electrical connector , undo bolt and remove coils , each kept in place by a 1x 10mm bolt and change plugs.

Refit in reverse, notice upper collecter has a fastening sequence - see pic and please don't drop anything in the manifold or plug holes. Use some anti seeze compound on plug threads.


Re: TB48 - spark plug change

Posted: 09 Feb 2011 10:23
by Peter Connan
Blikskottel Andries

Technology certainly has it's price doesn't it?

Thanks Andries.

Re: TB48 - spark plug change

Posted: 09 Feb 2011 10:42
by AndriesS
An interesting conversion can be had on the value and cost of normal vs platinum plugs.
The platinum are anything from R150/plug up and should last 100 000 km vs normal plugs every 30 000km +gasket, so 3 changes.
Labour cost will most likely swing it to platinum as I'm sure it's at least an hour from a workshop billing view.

I'm also worried that after 100 000km the plugs might just be a bit seized.

It does sound like the iridium plugs should be cheaper but I've not found any in the Patrol's range.

The Murano and some Peugeot use the same platinum plugs

Re: TB48 - spark plug change

Posted: 09 Feb 2011 19:08
by G-MAN
Sjoe! So how much do you charge? :wink:

Re: TB48 - spark plug change

Posted: 10 Feb 2011 08:36
by wanderer3
I recently put in platinum plugs I think they were NGK Platinum PLFR5A-11 (please check before buying) which cost R1200 for the 6. I figured as with the above the labour in changing the plugs it will mean quicker / easier servicing for the next 90k.

If you can't find any let me know and I will ask my mechanic where he got mine.

Re: TB48 - spark plug change

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 14:54
by AdrianPowrie
Just spent the day doing the plugs on the troll.
I am learning fast why everybody is cyring about the service from Nissan SA...

Despite having a full service history with Nissan, and having the reciept for the 195k Major service and only having done 4 thousand ks since, the plugs that I pulled out of the van look to be at least 30k kms old... ( and they were VERY VERY tight to take out)
Ditto for the aircleaner...
I didnt have a replacement filter with me but blew it out and am satisfied with the condition after its clean out.
Oh and the steel gasket between the collecter and the main part of the intake manifold looks to be VERY second hand...
Methinks the last time they did the plugs (whenever that was) they just re-used the "old" gasket. Perhaps it was sucking a bit of air as there was a slight kink in the old one when I took it out.

This is also on top of finding the prop to be very very dry the other day...

The Van definately drives smoother and is alot quieter on startup.
I am leaving for Kosi on Wednesday and will hopefully see a bit of an improvement ito fuel consumption.

Re: TB48 - spark plug change

Posted: 10 Oct 2015 11:23
by vanhack
just a thanks to the author of this thread, I followed your instructions and managed the change in about 4 hours, with a few breaks in between, as access to number 5 and 6 is not great, especially 6, but various ratchet extension lengths helps.

The bottom pipe on the throttle body is for coolant, as I disconnected it.

Just for information, I paid ZAR582.32 for the 6 plugs, platinum type with change interval of 100,000kms and the gasket is ZAR 45 from authorised parts dealer shops in Dubai here.

Re: TB48 - spark plug change

Posted: 10 Oct 2015 13:22
by Tinus lotz
Nice one man you guys get your spares for free there compared to what we pay..... :rolling: andries does great posts :salute:

Re: TB48 - spark plug change

Posted: 10 Oct 2015 14:26
by vanhack
Yes our parts are much cheaper than most places in the world.

But you should see what we pay for booze and pork here. Booze has a 30% duty, I am not sure what the duty or premium on pork is here, but the price makes it a premium meat! On that note, you should see what we pay for your SA fruits, usually around ZAR32-60 per kilo for your pears, oranges, apples etc.