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Created: 27/07/2009

1. Some Basic Principles:
1.1 Members should respect one another and treat each other with courtesy.
1.2 Members' forum contributions should be aimed at being positive.
1.3 Members should always review their posts carefully before hitting "submit". Think about possible misinterpretations and misunderstandings that could result. Remember that these are much more likely to occur where the medium of communication is written language only and body language or intonation can not be used to aid understanding.
1.4 Don't fly off the handle immediately if something someone posted upsets you; give them the benefit of the doubt for the same reasons mentioned in 1.3 above.
1.5 Always remember that there is a person behind the post and that you might bump into him/her some day.
1.6 The primary language on this forum is English. This is to enable international participation and not to disadvantage any other language. Other languages are allowed in the "Around the Campfire/Om die Kampvuur" section.

2. Some Rules:
2.1 Topics should be supplied with an appropriate and descriptive title to enable easy searching.
2.2 Posts must be made in the appropriate forum area.
2.3 Always use the search function first before posting a question.
2.3 No swearing or profanity.
2.4 No content or links of a sexual nature; this is a family friendly forum.
2.5 No racist content.
2.6 No political content.
2.7 No brand bashing.
2.8 No flaming or abusing of other members.
2.9 No spamming, no chain letters, no pyramid schemes.
2.10 Tread very lightly when submitting content of a religious nature; be tolerant. Forum administrators and moderators will scrutinize these threads particularly carefully. Absolutely no derogatory remarks will be tolerated.
2.11 Do not type in capitals only.
2.12 Do not make excessive use of emoticons, colours or other effects.
2.13 Do not make off-topic posts except in "Round the Campfire", where this rule is relaxed.
2.14 Do not make posts that generate friction between members.
2.15 Do not post any copyrighted material unless you own the copyright or you have written consent from the copyright owner.

Note that the rules above apply to all content, e.g. posts, signatures, avatars and login names.

3. The Administrators/Moderators:
3.1 Administrators and Moderators will ensure that forum housekeeping is done and order is maintained. In order to do this, they will do the following:
3.1.1 Delete posts or entire topics
3.1.2 Move posts or topics to more appropriate areas
3.1.3 Split topics
3.1.4 Lock topics
3.1.5 Request members either in public or in private to edit or delete contributed content partially or completely.
3.1.6 Terminate membership. Before terminating a member's membership, the member will be afforded the opportunity to state his case.
3.1.7 Acts of moderation will be explained in a brief note
3.1.8 Acts of moderation will not be subject to debate
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