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Re: Sub Tank pomp werk nie.

Het Uiteindelik die sub tanlk pomp weer aan die werk gekry . 1 doen fault dianostics ,wys geen fout nie . 2 Konnek 12v direk op pomp ,dit werk . 3 Strip die hele dashboard om by sub tank control module uit te kom ,sealed unit kan niks sien nie. 4. besluit om kan in te vat , pomp helfte van tank manual oor diskonekteer battery vir 24 uur sit als weer aanmekaar en jou wragtie daar werk dit weer. Ten minste weet ek nou waar sit die module en pomp sou dit weer gebeur bypass ek net die module direk na die pomp toe met n fuse in. Groetnis. :blonde:
by Christo Grobler
27 Aug 2013 13:43
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Re: Noisy 4.8 engine

I like the Delo 400 oil more than the Magnatec.... just a personal opinion. I use it in my SANI 3.0 V6, and made it sound a lot better than when I used other oils..... and then works great on my 4.2 turbo diesel

sounds like hydraulic lifters aren't getting well oiled on start up. Do a good engine flush to get the old oil that may be gummed up inside and flush with a cheap oil, then new filters and oil and all should be well
by ricster
27 Aug 2013 08:32
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Re: Noisy 4.8 engine

Hi Paulo
I have spoken to Graham husband & mechanic) about your problem and his comments are as follows :
1. 4.8 Patrol is a skim head motor so no tappets to adjust or set.
2. You problem is most probably low oil pressure and he agrees with the engine flush (use the actual engine flush product here to loosen gunk/sludge), run the car hot, drain oil (up to you if you want to reflush with cheap oil) and replace with new oil filter & good quality, relative viscosity oil.
3. Graham also recommends a 15W40 oil. (AGIP truck or truck plus also a good oil with similar properties to Caltex Delo 400).\
Hope this helps.
Chow for now
Vanessa :salute:
by PathMaker
27 Aug 2013 13:47
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