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Wimpie's Patrol - provider of good memories - RIP (2001-2013

Wimpie's Patrol - provider of good memories - RIP (2001-2013)

May you surviving spare parts live long in other Patrols

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by Alex Roux
09 Jun 2013 11:02
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Re: SANDWANI 06 July 2013

Ditto. Dankie Jorrie






Hierdie hindernis het vandag 'n nuwe naam gekry, aangesien net Thabbies daar uit is.

My oorgangsratkas se beskermingsplaat het vandag sy werk moes doen.
by Alex Roux
06 Jul 2013 17:18
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Re: New Lobiz 4x4 Fitment Centre

Near the O R Tambo Airport / Boksburg

Unit A01 & A02, Prospur Business Park, Corner North Rand & Oscar Roads, Hughes, 1459
by Alex Roux
06 Sep 2013 18:41
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Re: Photo competition 2013

Hiers myne



by Alex Roux
16 Sep 2013 21:36
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Re: Hi Patrol fanatics.

Welcome Dirk

Don't forget to add a picture as soon as you can. Some members of this forum have a devleoped a strong dependence on this.
Please, also let us know about the 4x4 event in Deneysville. Perhaps you can just indicate the time in the year this happens? Helps with planning.


by Alex Roux
15 Nov 2013 08:53
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Re: Jump seats

Safari -> Castle

Y60 -> Oude Meester (okay, I know it is not a beer, but the name fits)

Y61 Diesel (4.2) -> Windhoek

Y61 Diesel (3 litre) -> Windhoek lite

Y61 4.5 -> Corona

Y61 4.8 -> Peroni

Y61 Lexus conversion -> Amstel (catch me if you can)
by Alex Roux
13 Dec 2013 12:23
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Re: Route advice?

Hi Aleric

Between Knysna and Uniondale there are a tonne of trails you can choose from to make your life interestig and memorable.
I would suggest you go to the Southern Cape section of the Community Forum, make contact with Dave Faddel from Honeybee tours in George (also a Patrol driver). He has graded many routes in the Southern Cape including old Voortekker trails. (
As far as 4x4'ing goes, this is my favourite part of the country.
by Alex Roux
02 Jan 2014 07:59
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Re: ZD 30 DDTi Engine


There are a few options here.
The Nissan faithful among us do not believe in all the options, but that is simply because not all solutions involve the Nissan badge.

Option a) Fix the ZD 30 as detailed by Oom Mac above
Option b) Replace with another Diesel, if so, preferably the Nissan 4.2.
Option c) Petrol conversion - Nissan (4.5 or 4.8, or one of the Infinity V8s.)
Option d) Petrol conversion - non-Nissan (most commonly Lexus in SA ad Chev in Australia)

What you end up doing will to an extent depend on your needs and budget.

Option (a) for me will only make sense if consumption is a big issue to you.
The ZD 30, in all honesty, has no other redeeming features.
But even if fixing it is done properly, and I challenge any of the Nissan faithful on this point , who do you know, who has experienced a hand grenade on the ZD 30, has ever trusted that engine to take them far and away from home and back again. I do not know of one such case!
I know of a post-grenaded fixed ZD 30 still running, sure. But the owner sold it shortly after fixing it.
That is no testimony by any means.

Option (b) - Are you a diesel head or a petrol head?
If you are content with 91 Kw, then you can follow this route.
The big diesel engine fans on this forum will be quick to highlight its virtues when driving rocks and mud.
It is a big easy engine, making certain terrains easy, but do not expect to race to the coast in record time. Not a dune driver either.
Consumption is generally better than the Petrol options, but not by much.
"Biggles" on this forum recently bought a hand grenaded Patrol converted to 4.2 TD. His consumption is on par with the petrol engines.

Option (c)
The 4.8 is a complex engine. Hence a complex conversion and not commonly performed.
The engine is also as scarce as hens’ teeth. So not practical
The 4.5 is more easily available and a simpler operation. But then you might as well pick up a 2001 4.5 model second hand for less than R100k.
The Infinity Nissan v8 engines is a worthwhile consideration. But the engines are not that readily available and parts even less so.

Option (d)
Lexus v8 conversion is the most common engine conversion in South Africa. There is a reason for that. They are cheap and they are exceptionally reliable. After market recon parts are dirt cheap.

The Nissan Faithful will be quick to refer to the failed or less successful conversions. Mine is not one of them. They are referring to botched jobs. Many mechanics claim to be able to do this. For a 4x4, the job has specific and different requirements. E.g. the space between the front diff and the sump is critical. You have to go with strong references when selecting the people who will do this for you. That I can give you.
Consumption is better than the 4.8 and 4.5, but admittedly not by much. The Patrol is still a heavy car.

Since my conversion I have been to all corners of this country, and drove a dozen 4x4 trails. I have driven the snow in Lesotho, dunes and other trails in the Southern Cape, dunes in the Kalahari and the Kruger. Besides the initial non-critical teething problems, I have not had a hitch. That is my testimony.

I have opted to stick with the Nissan gear box coupled with the Lexus engine. Some of the Nissan Faithful may tell you the gear ratios is not ideal for the Lexus. In my view it is all a matter of getting to know how to work with your car. The Lexus can easily give you too much power. So when driving rocks you need more finesse than what is required for a big easy engine like the 4.2 Diesel. But the torque curve of the Lexus is utterly smooth. You simply squeeze a little more on the pedal, and then just a little more torque will be given. That, in my view, makes it the ideal 4x4 engine.
The only obstacles on any of the trails around Gauteng that I have not succeeded in doing were ones that required front lockers.

There is a right and wrong of way of doing anything. The same applies to either fixing your ZD 30 or replacing it. It must be done right the first time.

The final big question I had to resolve for myself before deciding which option to follow, was whether I would be able to trust my car again after fixing it. For me, doing option (a), would have been a definite No. And non-one on this forum, or anywhere else, was in the position to have given me such a testimony.

Reliability should be your biggest criteria.

Good luck with your decision.
by Alex Roux
12 Jan 2014 07:26
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Trip report: Karoo & Southern Cape Dec & Jan 2014

As per usual at this time of the year, we travelled to the Southern Cape via the Karoo.
Spent a few days in the Karoo to break the trip down a bit and give to kids exposure to farm life (our 6 year-old also got to milk the cow) .
In doing so we tend to take the roads less travelled.
Fewer cars, no trucks and lots of dirt roads. Certianly safer and a lot more fun in a great tourer vehicle.

Once arrived along the coast we took one day of from the beach to drive the Paradise 4x4 dune track near Wilderness (
This is not a guided tour, but the map and numbering of the trail is easy to follow.

Commentary on this clip, driving up an obstacle called Fugly's, is courtesy of my beautiful and beloved wife (now married to me for 18 years!).

We were on our own on this trail.
Consequently no waiting at obstacles.
The trail took us 30 minutes.
Normally it takes between 90 minutes and 3 hours.
But, I also had a few adults in the car whose understanding of fun does not include adrenalin.
So it had to be done quickly.

Question: With what other proper 4x4 can you have 5 adults and 4 smallish children as passengers in one vehicle, driving a grade 3+ track?

The trail is no challenge for a petrol powered Patrol.
It is fun though, and much, much better value for money than the Vleesbaai route (now, I believe, at R500 per vehicle!)

On our way back to Gauteng (5 January), the Karoo reached 40 deg Celsius at some points.
There were pockets of rain and thunder though which was a welcome relief.
We reached one such pocket on the N9. What a pleasure. We all got out of the car and soaked in the rain.
Temperature dropped from 40 deg to 15!
5 minutes after being back on the road, temps got up to the high thirties again.

Oh, we also lost a bike due to a strap that broke off.
Lesson learned: One should invest in proper straps for tying up your things.
We searched for about an hour between Stilbaai and Vleesbaai until we eventually found my sons' bike.
We could have missed it quite easily as well. Hidden in the long grass!




LostbikeInTheLong grass.JPG





by Alex Roux
07 Jan 2014 18:44
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Re: Introducing myself

Welcome, I have the same problem. Mine is a 2010 model I have heard its the bigger tires that cause it
Just my :mytwocents: Whoever told you that is not worth listening to.

Peter, I know the wobble is mostly not tyre related, but I have heard of large mud terrain tyres wearing off unevenly causing the appearance of a wobble.
by Alex Roux
06 Feb 2014 20:52
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Hello Gorgeous Part II (overlanding my car)

ASPW’s dream of developing the ultimate two-person overlanding machine, resulted in the cruiser that can be seen on his video log below.
The aim was to have a vehicle that requires only 5 minutes to set up camp.

I am not that ambitious. 30 minutes to set up camp woudl be fine for me. Firstly I do not have his budget. I also have a family of five to fit in rather than just two. And unlike ASPW, I am not prepared to cut off my roof for a more convenient easily accessible roof top tent. The Cruiser 70s are not good rollers as it is. Their frame tends to crumble. Now he has, in my view, compromised the vehicle’s structural integrity further. So enough of that. Back to my troll.

Like everyone else overlanding, I want to see how far I can go using the space available on my car, without needing to save up for a trailer. A drawer system, if sufficient, is a much much cheaper route than the offroad trailer. And, I want the system to be relatively easy to disassemble, to put my 6th and 7th seat back in again. And, finally, for added convenience, I wanted a shower.

The result is below. My fridge is only 50 litres. But the fridge draw is such that it can take bigger models, in case I want to upgrade later on. There are four ammo boxes below the fridge. I can take four more above (not on draws and tied down). Alternatively one can use this space for any other stuff, bags, etc.

The water tank is 50 litres, with a pump strong enough to take the water to above head level. And then the barrier between the packing space and the passengers is important in the event of an accident.

I had my Patrol 60th anniversary wheel cover enlarged. Now it can cover a 35” wheel (just in case). It is also now sporting an internal bag for the braai stuff.

To do: I still have a normal RTT (not shown here), and a pop-up tent for the ground. This is perfectly fine, but my preference would still be to have my whole family on the roof. From another recent thread, we know this is doable. But I do want to use the entire roof for this. So this is still a project that requires further thinking/planning.

Also, since we have three children, I would like to convert the central seat belt to a three point seat belt, for safety. This proves to be more tricky than initially anticipated. The system would have to be mounted to the drawer system, as the roof and the seat does not have the required strength for the mounting of the seatbelt. If anyone has done this before, please let me know.











by Alex Roux
13 Feb 2014 08:27
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Re: Garden Route camping

Hi Jason

The people to contact is Dave Faddel from Honeybee Outeniqua,

He is a Patrol driver and Forum member.

Also see:
The Southern Cape Regional section on the 4x4 Community Forum
This is a specific thread for camping in the Southern Cape. Also mainly run by Dave.

by Alex Roux
27 Mar 2014 08:08
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Luvuvhu Trip

We, together with two off road club hardbodies (Vaughn and Noel) as well as two further non-Nissan families embarked on the Luvuvhu trail during the first term school holidays.
This is therefore a rather belated trip report, mainly because I am a little too busy to draft long adventure tails.
So hopefully the pictures can speak for the trip.

This is a guided tour though big five terrain in the Letaba Ranch and Makuya Park on the Western side of the Kruger.
The most technical driving is on day 4, which one can rate between 2 and some parts grade 3.
The only minor drama was the sand on the banks of a small river crossing, and this was mainly due to incorrect tyre pressures.

Luvuvhu 2014-03-31 (day1) Camp .jpg

Luvuvhu 2014-03-31 (day1) FirstStop.jpg

Luvuvhu 2014-03-31 (day1) OnOurWay.jpg

Luvuvhu 2014-04-01 (day2) Letaba1.jpg

Luvuvhu 2014-04-01 (day2) Letaba2.jpg

Luvuvhu 2014-04-01 (day2) Letaba3.jpg

Luvuvhu 2014-04-01 (day2) Letaba4.jpg

Luvuvhu 2014-04-01 (day2) OuMaroela.jpg

Luvuvhu 2014-04-02 (day3) ArrivedatCamp.jpg

Luvuvhu 2014-04-02 (day3) Finalstretch.jpg

Luvuvhu 2014-04-02 (day3) Swem.jpg

Luvuvhu 2014-04-03 (day4) RiverCrossing1.jpg

Luvuvhu 2014-04-03 (day4) RiverCrossing3.jpg

Luvuvhu 2014-04-03 (day4) RiverCrossing2.jpg

Luvuvhu 2014-04-04 (day5) LuvuvhuView1.jpg
by Alex Roux
19 Apr 2014 22:18
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Re: New windscreen for GU / Y61

ricster wrote:Brilliant !!!
Was that from " Sky "? ....any more info?

Phone: 011- 0723627
Mobile: 0820474104
Mobile: 0730405526

S 26.12512°E 027.96581°

Corner Alice street and Beyers naude
Windsor west
JHB 2194
South Africa
by Alex Roux
25 Apr 2014 18:24
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Battlefield 2014

Hi Everyone

Still spaces available on this.

When: 1 – 4 May 2014

The 3 Provinces Battlefield Trophy is a unique, fun 4×4 event for the whole family, themed around the Anglo-Boer wars that took place in and around the town of Volksrust in Mpumalanga.

Two completely different routes are planned for every Battlefield Trophy, making each year unique from the one before. The routes consist of public tar roads, public and private gravel roads and 4×4 trails and many obstacles, literally taking teams through 3 provinces; the Free State, KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga.

Along the routes we’ve placed activity points where teams have to complete fun and challenging tasks for points. Some of these activities may be as easy as filling in a questionnaire or riding a camel! More challenging tasks include shooting an old muzzle-loader, clay pigeon shooting or canoeing. There will also be fun and challenging activities for the young ones. The more adventurous could undertake optional tasks which might earn them bonus points (and will certainly provide entertainment for spectators!)

Each teams’ skill (or lack thereof) and answers, will be scored and the winners announced at a prize-giving dinner at the end of the weekend.

What do I need to enter?
- A 4×4 vehicle with low range and good ground clearance.
- A driver and navigator. Passengers are allowed. (National traffic regulations apply)
- 4×4 Driving experience. Formal 4×4 training preferable.
- A sense of adventure, with a slice of competiveness and enthusiasm!

Web – | Facebook –
by Alex Roux
29 Nov 2013 12:27
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Re: Replacing engine

Hi Barry

I would like to question why you want to do this.
If your current TB45 is dead and cannot be rescued then I understand but even then there are alternatives worth considering.

If the TB45 is not dead, then rather selll the car and buy the 3TD Patrol with the native ZD30 engine already inside.
the 3TD second hand, same mileage may be a little more expensive given the current fuel prices, but otherwise, this difference in price cannot be as much as the cost you are about to undergo.

If the TB45 is dead, even then you may want to consider selling it off to someone who can do a cheaper conversion to an alternative petrol variety, or to someone like Dawid Volschenk who makes it his business to take Patrols apart and re-use it in other Patrols.

If you however are set on the conversion course, then I can answer one question:
Yes you can use the same tanks. For the past 2 1/2 years I have been using my old diesel tanks for the converted Petrol engine.
It has to be taken off and washed thoroughly.

But when converting, you do take risks, and you need to trust the people who work on your car to do a thorough job.
If you do not do this sort of thing professionally, then it is not for the fainthearted either.
by Alex Roux
05 Jun 2014 12:31
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On the topic of risk sliders,

I am now on my second set of rock sliders. The first did not go all the way under the wheel arches.
I knocked the wheel arches of my car twice now. First with the old sliders and had to refit the plastic wheel arch after that.

The second time I knocked the wheel arches, it was with the second version of the sliders. Photos below. This was at At se Gat a couple of weeks ago.
Always the left side, where one cannot see and the co-driver needs to be on the lookout for.
This resulted in a slight bend of my rock slide. Not as rock solid as I thought, but did protect the body well.

So after having them bent straight, Ben also added some further strengthening in the form of extra welded plates bolted to the chassis .
So we will see next time how well they hold. Unless my co driver actually does his job, and looks out for the left side!

See pictures below of extra plate / bars welded to keep the sliders in position.


by Alex Roux
19 Jul 2014 18:46
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Re: MQ 160 Patrol for sale

How do you manage to make you car still look so good after so many years?
What is the mileage?
by Alex Roux
04 Nov 2014 11:10
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Re: Agtervenster

For the fitting of the glass try these guys:
They are based in Jhb though.
They were good on my car and asked a fraction of Glassfit's price.
Also, the part was the genuine thing. No fake.

If you strugglele to get the part, try Dawid Volschenk, Oh, eight, three, four-nine-nine, one, five, double eight.
I think those rear screens were all the same on the GU models.
by Alex Roux
12 Nov 2014 12:32
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Re: Trouble in Botswana

gupster wrote:Thank you Alex for backing my decision to return to 2 wheel drive. Must admit though to getting very nervous when the sand got very thick.

Sure, but hey, you were driving a Patrol!
I understand having tyres flat enough is a bigger plus than 4x4 when in sand anyhow.
by Alex Roux
09 Dec 2014 21:25
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Re: Trouble in Botswana

The female end is cast iron and the lock nut is steel. Not compatible with normal arc welding. That will explain the "hoenderkak" welding. It would not be something I would trust my life on.

:rolling: I was wondering about the look of that welding. That explains it.

What to do:
Step 1: First get a quote from Nissan stealers on the tie rod.
Step 2: Shake your head in disbelief.
Step 3: Then you call Dawid Volschenk for a perfectly good old tie rod and;
Stpe 4: Smile. :woo:

Dawid may have just acquired that LHD Patrol with no enjin and no wheels.
I am sure there is a perfectly good tie rod in the mix there.
by Alex Roux
10 Dec 2014 10:51
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Re: Y61 Patrol for selling @R15,000.oo

Hey all you guys. The Y61 is now up for SPARES. It's a 2001 4.2 GR6 LHD. It was fitted WITH a4.2tdi engine.

Have a great Christmas and may the New Year be one of The best ever for everybody.

Thanks Dawid, en mooi jaar vir jou
Mag hierdie model jou veel veel meer as die aanvanklike uitleg van R15,000 terug bring!
by Alex Roux
24 Dec 2014 16:11
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