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Buy A Patrol? Let us evaluate it for you. Free of charge.

Hi Everyone.
If anyone is interested in buying a Patrol and would like to have it evaluated before purchase, give Graham a call.
Graham will check it out from top to bottom, inside and out and give you his professional opinion.
Ask the seller to bring it to us, and you can tag along of course, and get first hand information on possible further expenses.
If the seller refuses a technical inspection by an independent party always ask WHY? :think:

We offer this service free of charge to forum members ... or potential forum members.

Enjoy your day and happy trolling! QQQ

Graham & Vanessa (G-Tech Motors)
012 6513447
083 417 7503
by PathMaker
11 Apr 2013 10:38
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Re: Nissan 4x4 Club - Serendipity Weekend 25-26 May 2013

No problem Kobus... You have a good one over there my friend,

Tabbies... Good stuff we will see you lekker early on the Saturday !!
by ricster
10 May 2013 09:09
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How to Post Low Resolution Pictures!!

Heres a tip guys - large format pictures are really a nuisance on the forum, and besides taking forever to download its also expensive if you have a limited data package.
If you wantto download smaller size (less data) pictures then do the following (this is the way I do it and its very simple):
1. Select the pictures you want to post in the internet, then right click the mouse,
2. on the window that pops up click 'send to'
3. then click 'mail recipient'
4. a window will pop up and ask you what resolution you want - select 'medium', then click attach.
5. a email create page will pop up with the new format low resolution pictures you selcted as an attachment.
6. Copy the pictures from the mail and place in appropriate folder for placing on the forum as per usual process.
:woo: :woo: :woo:
by Chris Skinner
02 Jul 2013 16:33
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Re: Noisy 4.8 engine

Hi Paulo
I have spoken to Graham husband & mechanic) about your problem and his comments are as follows :
1. 4.8 Patrol is a skim head motor so no tappets to adjust or set.
2. You problem is most probably low oil pressure and he agrees with the engine flush (use the actual engine flush product here to loosen gunk/sludge), run the car hot, drain oil (up to you if you want to reflush with cheap oil) and replace with new oil filter & good quality, relative viscosity oil.
3. Graham also recommends a 15W40 oil. (AGIP truck or truck plus also a good oil with similar properties to Caltex Delo 400).\
Hope this helps.
Chow for now
Vanessa :salute:
by PathMaker
27 Aug 2013 13:47
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Re: Steering Rattle

Kobus, the steering damper cannnot fix the problem, only hide it.

However, it could very easily just be a wheel balance problem.
by Peter Connan
30 Dec 2013 21:24
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AAWDC Fun Day: Feedback

What can I say.....? Just one thing and that is "HATS OFF" to the NORC people are just an awesome bunch - together as a Team we have pulled off one of the most successful AAWDC Fun Days ever!

The following link pays witness to this: ... p?t=193383

To my fellow Committee Team members - you are great as a management team - many thanks for your support over the past number of months!!

All glory to our heavenly Father who made it possible for us to pull off a huge successful day and kept the rain away until after the event.....
by georgeb
17 Aug 2014 17:34
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Patrol dash removal

Nissan refuted or nearly refuted my claim on the dashboard removal and their argument at the time was that the PO missed an oil service. I never knew being late for an oil service is the main cause for a bubbling on a dash.

I decided to remove it myself.
Tools needed
10 mm spanner and small socket. Battery and dashboard nuts and bolts
12 mm socket. Passenger side airbag
T30 with anti tamper hole - driver airbag
19 mm socket. - steering wheel
Philips screw driver
Tiny awl

Disconnect battery

Remove gearstick surround 2 philips behind plastic doppies /covers on the side and one below ash tray
Remove radio surround. 2 philips just above heater controls
Remove radio and undo heater control panel - don't need to remove the heater controls -just undo
Undo 2 philips from lighter power area, don' t have to unplug

Remove cubby , about 6 philips screws
Undo airbag to pipe bolt and unclip wire
Remove A pilar cover, 2 philips in handle

Remove demist vent

Remove driver side bottom cover 1 philips and 4 10 mm , pull out part of this is bonnet and tank levers
Remove 2 plastic circle plugs on steerwheel side! With torx undo airbag. Unclip airbag by lifting black locating thingy" remove hooter" steering controls wire.
Straighten wheel and remove
Under wiper arm cowl is 3 philips! Remove ring around key, unclip bottom form top and remove. Bottom piece clips around steering shaft.

Undo 2 philips holding signal and wiper arms in place and depress clip at the back of unit and move iut of the way.
Undo 2 philips holding spedo cowl in place
Disconnect mirror switch and remove
Undo 4 philips keeping speedo in place, disconnect wires
Disconnect instrument dimmer

Disconnect alarm LED wire and remove demister vent
Remove 2 bolts, one on each side in the demister vent
Remove 2 nuts one on each side at the bottom of dash next to the door
There is 1 more 10 mm bolt where instrument panel is
Remove A Pillar cover - same as other side

Pull on dash, feed wires through and bob is your uncle.
by AndriesS
18 Aug 2014 08:02
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Herrie, Patrol Manuals

Herrie thanks for the CD of the Patrol manuals, awesome. QQQ :thumbup: :salute:
by Tiny Howarth
31 Oct 2014 17:14
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DYNO day 30 MEI 2015

O K .. reg manne -- Oompie het vir ons n datum ingetrek vir DYNO toetse [gratis ja] vir Saterdag 30 Mei.
Detail volg, maar jy kan solank dagboek en my hierlangse aandui of jy gaan bywoon]
[Dis in Oos Rand .. ]

Ingris: O K Gents, the uncle has arranged a date for a DYNO day. We will take our tjorre for free Dyno run and diagnose and advice to fix.
We will discuss MADMAN EGT sensor
Hope to have some 4x4 accessories on display as well
And hopefully an expert talk to us obout FREE FLOW BRANCHES and EXHAUSTS
by Kagiso II
20 Mar 2015 11:28
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Re: Dual Battery 4.8...Need your views please.

Kan ons 'n paar fotos daarvan sien Boats?

Sien hierdie - ek hoop dit gee ten minste 'n idee.

Hierdie is die voorkant van die battery (links kan jy die running board bracket sien en bo die battery se positiewe terminal is 'n rubber patch om the keer dat daar enige verassende sparks onstaan):

Meer detail van waar dit aan die cross member and chassis vasbout:

en hierdie is van agter gesien:

ook van agter, 'n effe ander hoek:
by Boats
19 May 2015 20:40
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Re: 2008 4.8 for sale

HI Guys.
Always a pleasure to give my opinion on these fantastic vehicles.
Have noticed lately, sale guys don't like me too much about 5 minutes into a check-up! Especially the chance takers!
by PathMaker
19 May 2015 18:03
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Re: TB45E Knocking when starting ...and other bad performanc

Hi irfaanharris

Herewith Graham's advice:...

Problem 1: Check basic setting on TPS switch, must be at point 0.50mA. Idle compensation valve must be set to 20%. Distributor must be set to 5 degrees. All must be set when car is at running temperature.

Problem 2: This should sorted by correctly settings for problem 1.

Problem 3: Knock sensor is on the right side of the engine under the intake manifold but a electronic diagnostic test can check if this is faulty.

P.S. All petrol Patrols should be running on the highest octane fuel available in this country or even better put in Octane boost on every tank of fuel.

Thanks, hope this helps. If not, an if you're in the area, bring it in, and I will do these checks for you.
Graham & Vanessa :salute:
by PathMaker
19 May 2015 17:58
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Etosha Trip

Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 136.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 121.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 110.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 108.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 105.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 102.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 074.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 057.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 052.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 039.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 032.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 017.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 016.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 010.jpg Just returned today from a excellent trip from the Etosha Pan, me the wife and the red lorry, lorry went well, some rough roads but the red lorry brought us back home safely, we took a 3 day trip from Walvis Bay-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni and finally one overnight at Okahandja Country Hotel on the way home, here are some pictures :woo: :biggrin: :clap: :salute:
by Tiny Howarth
03 Aug 2015 19:39
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Re: Etosha Trip

Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 141.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 144.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 146.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 150.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 161.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 165.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 171.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 175.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 185.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 188.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 191.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 198.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 211.jpg Etosha-Okaukeujo-Halali-Namutoni 213.jpg Some more pics, hope the forum dont mind all the pics? Lion will come with next batch pics :biggrin:
by Tiny Howarth
03 Aug 2015 20:41
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Re: River trip 6 tot 10 aug 2015

Dankie aan almal wat die trip moontlik gemaak het, en ook vir almal wat dit so 'n wonderlikke ervaring gemaak het. Regtig 'n wonderlikke groep mense gewees.
Ek kan nie wag vir die volgende een nie.

Hier is so paar van my muk-en-druk foto's...

P.S. my brandstof verbruik vir die trip was 5.3km/l - wat n +/-600km round trip vanaf huis na rivier en terug in sluit...
by SJC
10 Aug 2015 20:52
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