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AAWDC Fun Day: Feedback

What can I say.....? Just one thing and that is "HATS OFF" to the NORC people are just an awesome bunch - together as a Team we have pulled off one of the most successful AAWDC Fun Days ever!

The following link pays witness to this: ... p?t=193383

To my fellow Committee Team members - you are great as a management team - many thanks for your support over the past number of months!!

All glory to our heavenly Father who made it possible for us to pull off a huge successful day and kept the rain away until after the event.....
by georgeb
17 Aug 2014 17:34
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Re: Luderitz to Walvis Bay - September 2016

Rhett wrote:Did those figures include sand roads too?

Evening Rhett

Day 1 from Harties to Grunau - all tarmac. No fuel in the Jerry's or water in the tank on top - heavy loaded inside the car...
by georgeb
27 Sep 2016 20:03
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Luderitz to Walvis Bay - September 2016

Afternoon everybody

I had the privilege of being part of a tour group with URI Adventures as guides, doing the Luderitz to Walvis Bay desert tour through the Namib recently. The Nissan contingent consisted of two 4.8's and believe it or not a stock standard Navara 2.5.

Here we go with a few pic's and stats:




Day 1 - Hartbeespoort to Grunau - +- 1200 km's - average consumption 4.9 km/l

Had to take on some very necessary juice in Kuruman...


Overnight at the Withuis outside Grunau - R600.00 per Unit.

Day 2 - Grunau to Luderitz via the Canon Roadhouse- +- 400 km's - did not calculate the consumption



Overnight at the Luderitz Nest Hotel - quite pricy at R1, 910.00 per room B&B


To be continued....
by georgeb
27 Sep 2016 17:15
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Re: Luderitz to Walvis Bay - September 2016

Day 2 continues....

On route to Luderitz we stopped over at the Seeheim Hotel...



After arriving in Luderitz it was time for the Jerry can's. I took on 284 litres of fuel between the fuel tanks and the Jerry cans - 200 litres of fuel and 50 litres of water on the roof rack.

The "formal" kick-off of the tour was a dinner sponsored by the Organisers at Ritzi's


For those who wonder what happened to the spare wheel - here you go...

by georgeb
27 Sep 2016 20:29
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NOROC: Year End Function 2016: Saturday 2016-11-26

Hello all

This is confirmation that our YEF will be on Saturday 2016-11-26 at Kungwini, Bronhorstspruit.

Detail will follow.
by georgeb
07 Oct 2016 11:19
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