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Re: False economy Patrol sales

Hi Marnus

Ek het n Nokia Windows foon so nie seker of dit op Iphone of Android sal wees nie, maar die app se naam is My Car. Dit neem maintenance, versekering, was/clean, Equipment purchase, Tires, Repair, tax, Inspection en other cost in ag. Dit is nou bo en behalwe die branstof. Jy kry dan alle statistieke wat jy moontlik wil gebruik. Sal goed wees as jy of iemand kan kyk of dit beskikbaar is vir die ander telefone.


by Marino4x4
26 Aug 2014 14:00
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Re: Air cleaner for 4.2TD

Give bogey man a call he has a contact that sells aircleaners housings ect let him post a pick or two of the gq setup I was very impressed :salute:
by Tinus lotz
27 Aug 2014 16:10
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Re: Air cleaner for 4.2TD

I have 2 photos of the installation. Some breather pipes were not connected yet.

I use Donaldson type aircleaners because dirt is not welcome in any engine. Never. Performance might suffer but the engine will last.

This is on the gq with the transplant tb45e engine.
I used the thumbsuck selection method and used a 90mm outlet standard Donaldson cyclone air cleaner. It just fits in under the bonnet and I custom built the bracket for mounting onto the wheel well. The only drawback is that I have to loosen the mount clamps to get to the cartridge for cleaning.

The positioning made for minimal bends and virtually straight pipes in and out. The air gets sucked in from the original hole in the fender , so water does not easily gets in there. Also , the big inlet pipe is at an angle and with low engine speed , water will most likely not get drawn in. On this type , all the air is drawn in at the inlet pipe , so snorkel will work.

The change in pipe configuration played havoc with the engine management. I used the same air mass sensor housing and sensor , but the air flow patterns made no sense to the sensor.
Two hours of remapping by Maus and all was well again.

Those filters are used by most big engines. Look at the big generator sets and air compressors as well as most industrial earthmoving machines.
by bogeyman
27 Aug 2014 18:20
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Re: Diesel vs Sparks

A spark plug and glow plug for the trophy.............. on second thoughts you can leave the glow plug off............ :rolling:
by David M
03 Sep 2014 22:06
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