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Re: Raspberry pi carputer

Cool have a look there is a thread for it a lot of the guys are more electronic inclined we can have a look then :salute:
by Tinus lotz
03 Dec 2016 19:16
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Re: Front Bumper en Laaistel

Airbags are triggered by acceleration sensors.

Thus the fitting of an aftermarket bumper does not cause them not to work.

The issue is that, if your bul-bar is significantly stronger than the factory bumper, you lose the "crumple zones". What happens then is that, should you hit something, the car de-celerates significantly faster than a standard one.

The result of this is that the airbags may trigger much more easily (or could I say in a much smaller accident) than they normally would.

As a result, the repair cost of a miner fender-bender might significantly increase due to the cost of replacing the airbags.
by Peter Connan
17 Jan 2017 05:53
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Re: 17-21 Maart 2017 DUINE TRIP

Die klink vreeslik lekker.
Sit my maar ook op die lysie. Ek belowe niks, mens weet nooit watse vars moeilikheid daai tyd kan opduik nie.
Klink my ek moet budget vir so 1600km of hoe?

Ek wil ook hoor of dit reg is as ek my vriend met sy hilux nooi? :pray:

Hi Tijmen

Vanaf Pretoria, is dit in die orde van 1600 heen en weer.
Onthou net jy gaan heelwat brandstof op die duine roetes self ook uitry waarvoor mens moet begroot.
by Alex Roux
04 Feb 2017 17:10
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Re: Patrol Spotting

Ja nee, ek sien ook die intercooler scoop. Hoop jy kry hom
by Bre
05 Apr 2017 21:22
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Re: Patrol Spotting

Tijmen, wees asb versigtig met enige advertensies en moet geen depositos van enige aard oorbetaal nie.
Daar is baie scammers daar buite en daai prys lyk bietjie laag.
by Michael
06 Apr 2017 05:37
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Re: GQ Bonnet Gas Struts

Net een tip, jou shocks is inderste bo. Daai seel waar die shaft uit kom moet in die olie wees anders gaan hulle nie lank hou nie

Nice write-up (wif picktjurs) available here .

Two things I learnt:
1. The "rod down" position ensures that the oil dampens the movement when the strut nears the end of its extension. If mounted the other way around, the struts will not benefit from this damping and may be damaged as a result.
2. Struts should preferably be mounted no more than 60 degrees off vertical to ensure that the oil remains in contact with the seal. Because our bonnets are very near to horisontal, it's important to take your Patrol out for a vigorous 4x4 session to thoroughly lubricate the seal as often as you possibly can :thumbup:
by ChristoSlang
31 Jul 2017 23:27
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Re: Front Axle Lockers

I have bought two Lokkas, one fitted on my 2011 2.5 Tdi Pathfinder and one NOT YET FITTED for my 2008 3.0 TDi Patrol.

I decided on the front lockers on these vehicles after experiencing my 1999 Terrano (now sold) that came standard with a LSD in the rear and I fitted a LSD in the front as well. It was all that was available at the time at a reasonable price for the Terrano, that must have have been around 2003 or 2004. Well, that transformed the Terrano! It was certainly a heck of a lot more capable!

If I could choose, I would go with a LSD in the rear and a locker up front. A lot of people will not agree with me, but the LSD makes a lot more sense on tar and hard surface roads. With a locker in the rear, you are forced to drive with an open diff on tar. I drive quite aggressively and when turning right in heavy traffic, with oncoming cars, a LSD bites and you can take off like a rocket. The Pathfinder scares me sometimes, when as soon as the tyres chirp, the power is cut midway into the turn and it does cause a certain amount of panic at times. An open diff will just lift the inside rear wheel, causing excessive wheelspin, the tyre will chirp, even smoke, but there would be slow or very little forward movement.

Most limited slip diffs are set up with about 75% slip and 25% bite, but you can induce it to bite a lot sooner if you know how to (I raced old Alfas Berlinas and Giulias, that came [some standard] with LSDs) in the inland regions, at Kyalami, Zwartkops, Midvaal, Welkom and even sometimes in East London and Killarney and had plenty of practice on how to cause the diff to lock up prematurely and corner with the help of a right foot. The guys with the Escorts raced with welded (locked) diffs, and on tar the LSD had a distinct handling advantage over a locked diff.

There is also of course the option to "tighten up" your LSD from 25% to around 75% bite, either by fitting more clutches or flattening the "ramps" in the diff internals to lock it up more easily. Do not underestimate a LSD!

The front Lokkas are quite cheap and work quite well, but the import duty makes it about 50% more expensive, with Custom Duties (about 20 %), handling fees (Post Office) and the VAT on top of all that! These fees came to R1900 on top of the roughly R4500 for the Lokka when I imported it for the Patrol a year ago. Delivery takes about two weeks.

I took the Pathfinder to Gearmax here in Jhb to fit the Lokka, and they charged about R2500 to R3000 about 4 years ago. On the Pathfinder, the front hubs are autolocking so I presume it will be slightly different handling characteristics between the Pathfinder and the Patrol, but I could be wrong. On the Pathfinder you do feel the steering gets a bit tighter and wants to straighten out all the time. But after a while you get used to it and hardly notice the "pull".

I have never been one to go into 4wheel drive on dirt roads, I prefer two wheel drive unless there are lots of loose pebbles (marbles), then I will go into 4WD. I prefer driving where I can induce understeer on dirt. On (the slower) trails you are constantly aware of the pull on the steering, always wanting to return to the straight ahead position. It is not annoyingly so, but you do feel it all the time. It is also not so hard that you can't hold it to go where you want it to go.

Where I do feel one heck of an improvement is on steeper inclines and on slippery mud. I would really recommend the front Lokka going by the improvement of grip on the Pathfinder.

I will soon take the Patrol to my mechanic to fit the Lokka to the front of the Patrol, but I am not planning an offroad excursion with the Patrol any time soon to go and test it out.
by mvcoller
11 Sep 2017 22:23
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