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Re: Eliminating barn door squeaks..

Op die boonste hak in die middel teen nie dak is daar twee spacer plaatjies. Ek het myne uitgehaal. Die deur maak baie stuiwer toe en trêk homself bietjie op. Ek het nogi weer getoets nie maar wonder net of een van julle dit al gedoen het en werk dit.
by TijmenvdS
03 Dec 2016 20:06
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Beginners Patrol

Wel I finaly had some time to start my first modifications to my 1999 4.5 Patrol.

First thing on my list was the dual battery system. The previous owner had a national luna isolator installed and one plug near the trailer coupling to connect to the trailer that carried the second battery and one 12v outlet in the load area that was useless without a second battery conected since the national luna isolator does not connect without a second battery connected and I didn't buy the trailer.
Firstly I pulled out the old 16mm^2 wire end replaced it with 35mm^2 cable (much harder to route then one might think) and relocated the isolator from the cramped bonnet to the rear where I built a bracket to hold a 50L water tank as well as the second battery. Because I increased the wire size so drastically the old fuse holders didn't fit any more so I made new ones out of thick perspex, one fuse holder in the front near the main battery and a second one with extra terminal connectors at the back.

I bought a 200Ah Narada solar system battery for R2000 where a deep cycle 104Ah would have cost over R4000, the only down side is that it weighs 61kg but price and value compared to weigt was worth it to me. The good thing is know I can weld with it if I have to after I accidentally took quite a chunk out of my side cutter.

Still to come would be a pump underneath the tank, a cargo barier and a propper fuse box aswell as more gadgets to justify that size of a battery. When I am satisfied whith the neatness and everything has its place I will take it out and paint.
by TijmenvdS
15 Dec 2016 22:33
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Re: Beginners Patrol

ricster wrote:That gas strut on the door.... where did you get the swivel bracket that fixes to the body? I have a weak gas strut lying in my garage with the swivel that can connect to the door, but not the other one.

I also bought it from canopy center in Silverton
by TijmenvdS
16 Jan 2017 13:12
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Re: Beginners Patrol

Tijmen, daai voorste bash plate is my maaksel. Dit is dan waarskynlik dat die agterste een ook is. Indiendit wel myne is, belowe ek dat dit nie nodig is om brackets te bou nie, hy sal pas.

Ek het PBE stelsel in my eie kar, nou al omtrent ses jaar, en nie 'n enkele klagte nie. Ek het ook nou HCdP se paneel-stelsel in my waentjie ingebou.

Wil jy dalk kom kyk, dan sit ek sommer gou jou skid-plate vir jou op?

Ek sal dit vreeslik geniet. Ek sal verkies as ek dit n saterdag trippie kan maak.

Ek het nou gaan meet by die solenoid en net tussen hom het ek al kla n voltage drop van 0.08-0.1v
Hy word ook vreeslik vinnig warm so ek kan my verbeel dat hy maklik n 1v drop kan gee.

Loving the rear barn door gas strut!

Any chance of a list of parts for the job & size/NM of the strut?

Maybe some measurements too please?


It is a 350mm strut 500Nm, I have to admit that it is a bit to heavy so I woud say you can about half that, when I get a chance I will have it deflated. This was the only one they had in stock, works great.
1/350mm strut
1/rear joint
1/front joint
2/straight ball joint
1/90 degree bend
2/M8 nuts
4/M8 washers
2/M8 spring washers or teflon nuts
2/M6 bolts ~20mm-30mm long
2/M6 nuts
4/M6 wahers
2/M6 spring washers or teflon nuts

13mm spanner and socket
10mm spanner and socket
6mm drill
8mm drill

Be careful unclipping the door interior pannel, the clips tend to break.
Loosen the door catch, pull the door open a bit more then mark the hole on the door bottom so when you retighten the catch the door will always be under tention without play.
Do not worry to much about the measurements I guessed it based on a picture of a 290mm strut. So the idea is quite flexible on available parts.
by TijmenvdS
03 Feb 2017 19:05
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Re: 4.5 GRX wanted

Ek het nou nooit so aan hom gedink toe ek hom gehad het nie. Maar wat ek beleef het sal ek wel saam stem met dit.

Ek hoop julle geniet hom vreeslik en laat die kilos rol.
by TijmenvdS
02 Apr 2017 13:58
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Re: Solar Regulators, Installation etc.

I have not built a solar system yet but have built a dual battery system, as a general rule one would like to have a fuse as close to a power source as possible be it alternator, solar panel or battery to limit the amount of damaged in case of a short. But if the panel has short circuit protection there is probably no need to worry. :mytwocents:
by TijmenvdS
07 Apr 2017 12:16
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Re: Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction

Welcome here, really like the colour of your GQ. Too bad you missed the dunes trip a few weeks ago at Boegoeberg.
Remember to keep us posted on mods and pics :blonde:
by TijmenvdS
21 Apr 2017 06:58
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