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Re: Vehicle recalls (including Patrols)

Good morning

I received my recall letter in June this year. Last month I took it to Nissan in Centurion.
They didn't look at the vehicle and only used the vin number.
They said they will order the part and when it arrives they will make an appointment to replace it.
The passenger airbag was replaced yesterday. I was there at 7h00 and they were done by 11h00.

by johanp
02 Dec 2015 06:50
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Re: Vehicle recalls (including Patrols)

Hi there
Has anyone of the forum gone and had their Patrols check for this airbag defect?

It affects about 500 000 Nissan's worldwide, including X-Trail, Patrol, Almera, Almera Tino, Terrano II and Navara.
The cars were sold in the years 2000-04, and the firms said the defective part was supplied by parts maker Takata Corp.

It also affects the following cars for interest sake:
Toyota vehicles, including Corolla and Yaris,
Honda's, most of them CRV's, but including 400 Jazz and Civic models.

All four car makers have said that they will replace the defective parts for free.
"We are conducting a voluntary safety recall to address this issue and replace the front passenger bag inflator," a spokesperson for Nissan told the BBC.
by PathMaker
05 Dec 2013 12:24
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I very much doubt they do have a PCD of 139.0, as I know of no cars with such a PCD. I think they just rounded off incorrectly.

by Peter Connan
06 Dec 2015 08:19
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Re: Patrol Death/Steering Wobble – Trouble Shooting & Fix

Apologies for asking a naive question; :confused:

What are the symptoms of the "Death/Steering Wobble" ?

Is the "Death/Steering Wobble" something which is experienced at any speed and any surface or does it only occurs under specific circumstances / conditions.

I have on my car a steering wobble which occurs ...... say , I drive on the highway, everything is fine and perfect. Suddenly I hit an uneven spot which generates a steering wobble whereas the wobble seams to continue for a few seconds even after I have passed this uneven spot already.
Is this what you call a "Death/Steering Wobble" ? :think:

The "Death Wobble" is often confused with "normal" steering wobble which can occur in any vehicle in which the steering or suspension components are a little bit worn.

The "Death wobble" is called that because, if it happens to you, you genuinely think you are about to die. It is impossible to control, and the vehicle is impossible to control when the death wobble occurs.

It can occur at any time, at virtually any speed over say 60km/h, and would normally happen after a disturbance as mentioned above, but the critical thing is that it is a harmonic vibration, in that it rapidly accelerates beyond any means to control it.

The normal suspension wobble usually starts at around 80km/h in the Patrol, and will last to a speed comensurate with the amount of wear/play in the system.

Both are caused by play somewhere in the steering or axle location systems, usually coupled with some imbalance in the system (such as an imbalanced wheel, bent rim, out-of-round tire or waprped brake disc) not by the steering damper, but the steering damper can mask the symptoms.

But it is important to realize that no steering wobble is ever CAUSED by a worn steering damper. There is an underlying cause which needs to be found in order to prevent long-term wear.
by Peter Connan
16 Sep 2016 16:36
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Re: Duine trip - 17-21 Maart 2017


If there is still a space available than I would love to put my name down. (Henning)

From what I understood is that this trip has been done in previous years.
Can one perhaps just post the link to the previous correspondence, trip-report etc .... so that I can educate myself....provided it exists. :salute:

Here Henning:

Pics/trip report start around page 18/19.

Definately a trip I would like to do again!
by Peter Connan
20 Nov 2016 19:59
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Re: 17-21 Maart 2017 DUINE TRIP

Dag Maats.
Die besprekings sal ek hanteer nader aan die geleentheid. Ja ons betaal daar, slegs kontant asb. Die naaste dorp om proviant en diesel,perol te kry is Groblershoop. Dit is so 40km van ons af waar ons gaan kamp. Indien daar nie petrol of diesel saam gery kan word in kanne nie. Gaan ons beslis die Sondag ogend moet ry vir die nodige na Groblershoop.

Ja die kamplek kan bereik word met gewone karavaan. Sal maar net moet stadig ry op die grondpad. As ons vanaf PTA af ry is dit teerpad tot en met so 25km voor die kampplek wat dan grondpad word wat gewoonlik in goeie kondisie is.

Die afstand vanaf Griekwastad tot bt ons kampplek is 138km. Griekwastad kan ons brandstof kry. Die bereking is gedoen as mens vanaf Kimberly ry na die kampplek.

Afstand vanaf PTA tot en met Boegoeberg kampplek. Is 813km.

Hoop dat dit julle vrae antwoord.
by Tommie
27 Jan 2017 09:28
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Re: NOROC: Strategic Session on the "Way Forward": 2017-01-1

I thought about this too, more out of frustration to be honest. I was wondering what kind of a reaction Nissan SA would provide us "bottom of the totem pole" loyal Nissan Brand ( Patrol specific ) ambassadors if an article was written about the ( Patrol and off road specific ) vehicles that we ( Patrol Forum and for that matter the Nissan Club ) drive, cherish and defend passionately against the likes of the Toyota, Landy, Fords and all other vehicle brands. What if this article was written by someone from a well known magazine like who are currently filling pages and pages of articles featuring Patrols. In this article the owners of off road Nissans can voice their views and opinions on the Nissan brand, and on how they treat their "loyal" followers and Ambassadors. I think in this article it should be called as it is.... in other words, a spade is not just a spade, its a @#&*^%# shovel.

I would then like to see a proof copy go to Nissan SA for comment, as they need to also have a fair chance to counter anything we have issues with. Much like in the newspapers the 2 parties comments are printed for public view.

I am pretty sure that many of the comments from us Nissan owners will not be very complimentary towards Nissan, and even though they say that even bad publicity is good publicity, I seriously doubt that this kind of slandering will even do much good for the Navara brand that they are so feverishly advertising.

The sad thing is that there are good Nissan Dealers out there trying their best to work within the boundaries set out by the head office, but their hands are tied..... JUST LIKE US !! Nissan SA clearly has the wrong plan of action with regards to customer care, and on taking the "FREE" advertising and exposure and using it for the good of the brand. We know that the Patrol ( Y60 and Y61 ) is at the end of its life, and that there is probably sweet stuff all we can do about it, but had Nissan SA dug their heels in and rolled up their sleeves to promote the Patrol Brand against the likes of the Cruizers, then the Aussies would probably be importing aftermarket goodies from SA instead of the other way around. Nissan your top management is clearly kak and have no clue on how to hold onto a market share that can and could have generated a good profit margin. They are just interested in putting on 1500% markups on some spares cause hopefully some sucker will buy them.

ok Cedric.... calm the heck down and chew on a Valium...... :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
by ricster
03 May 2017 12:13
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