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Re: Takla/Escape gear covers and matt's

Nice it will keep sand out of the carpets
by Tinus lotz
08 Dec 2013 14:16
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Re: 16 inch OE Rims and 33inch muds for sale

Just take those rims and tires. ....biggest bargain out ....... :mytwocents:
by Tinus lotz
02 Mar 2015 11:06
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Re: 1998 GRX stock speakers?

'98 Trolls have a 5.5"/6" in the doors. They are piddly little 30w 6ohm jobbies that will distort and blow out if you just look at them funny.

The 1998/1999 GRX actually has 6.5" speakers in each of the four doors. They are Clarion 4 Ohm dual cone units that are rated at 30W (peak) and 15W (nominal). The problem with these speakers is that the diaphragm that supports and centers the main cone perishes with age, leaving the cones unsupported and the armature free to touch the coil. This leads to horrible sound distortion at all but the lowest volumes.

The parts manual does show that some models have 5.5"/6" speakers (possibly the GLs?).

When I opened up my passenger side front door recently to fix the central locking ( see here ), I decided to replace my old knackered speakers as well. I bought four two way 6.5" Kenwood speakers (30W nominal rating). Although the Patrol's speakers are 6.5" units, the pitch circle diameter of the mounting holes is just a tiny bit smaller than that of the aftermarket speakers, but the speakers still fit with a bit of fiddling and gentle persuasion. The sound quality is quite good, but is definitely not in the professional audiophile league. Then again, that was not what I was after...
by Gerrit Loubser
13 Aug 2011 20:31
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Re: 1998 GRX stock speakers?

'98 Trolls have a 5.5"/6" in the doors. They are piddly little 30w 6ohm jobbies that will distort and blow out if you just look at them funny. I took mine out and replaced with 60w RMS Kenwood 6" split system.
by Sias
03 Oct 2010 19:07
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Re: 1998 GRX stock speakers?

Mine is a GL model, and I fitted Kicker 60W RMS(nominal) split system ( ). If I recall, I ffitted 6" front and rear, but I believe the 6.5" will fit too. There is a black plastic dish that the speaker fits into and If I recall there was a little space when I fitted the 6" in mine. If anything you might need to file the plastic a fraction to get the speaker to seat 100%, BUT I may be wrong on this.

Check this....

I can recommend the Kicker DS series speakers, and Christo ( Chuck Norris ) told me to spend a few Rands extra and rather take these Kicker speakers. He is an audio guru and a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to sound quality, and I must say that these speakers are phenomenal. I am just running them off the head unit, ok it is a very good Pioneer head unit, and they play clear even at high volume ( Iron Maiden cannot be played softly ). I also have a Kicker Hideaway subwoofer ( ) that connects to the RCA outputs of the headunit. This combination is amazing !!! The sub may not look very big....but boy oh boy it adds a dimension to the sound quality that is amazing !! I have this sub loosely sitting under my seat. I may even get another one and fit under the wife"s seat.... :surprised: :surprised: :surprised:
by ricster
04 Mar 2015 08:57
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Re: 1998 GRX stock speakers?

I went to these guys. I think they are the main agents for Kicker. I dealt with Jonathan. It was a few years back though.

Email & Telephone Details
Telephone: 0860 65 64 63 / +27 (0)12 803 0170
Fax: 0867 64 94 77

Planet Electronics Headquarters SA
Unit 7, Gateway House
129 Rooiberg Str
N4 Gateway Business Park.
c/o Hans Strijdom & Pretoria Str
Silverton, Pretoria
South Africa
by ricster
04 Mar 2015 16:36
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Re: Plastidip

So far so good - my mags still look great.
by Chris Skinner
12 Mar 2015 09:54
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UAE Al Ghayathi Exploration.

Hi folks,
so we had a group of 7 cars, 2 Patrols (Auto, stock tyres/Rims: Y61 mine, and Y62 V8 trip Leader Will), 2 JEEP Wranglers TJ, 1 Jeep Wrangler JK (all 2 doors, lifted and larger tyres), Stock Nissan Xterra, and Modified LWB Auto Prado V6 petrol. 3 Spaniards, 1 New Zealander, 3 Brits (including me, but of Indian Origin)

Packed 3 20l jerry cans, and I rarely do this, but packed my toolbox, I drive a Patrol Y61, but something told me that it was needed.

We drove on Tarmac for roughly 380kms to 1st night campsite, which was tarmac all the way, refueled around 60 kms before at last petrol station. I was the 2nd last to arrive, and had my dinner, and consumed 2 Weiss Biers and a swig of Whiskey before we bedded down. The route was driving through the remotest desert scape of UAE, not a single track for the first 30kms to escape, 3 of the previous trip members had a bad taste in their mouth from a similar trip attempted 2 months earlier, where one member of that trip, not on this one though, turned up with a broken Auto box, on a LWB Y61 Safari patrol!

Anyhow we set off with enthusiasm, after a good night rest. Within the first 30 minutes, the prado gets bogged to the chassis on talcum powder sand, drivers is reversing for a while, then stops as he is just digging deeper. Luckily he has a winch, the only winch in the group, and I use my Patrol as an anchor. Driver mentions that his reverse is not engaging. After about an hour of trying we let the Prado return home, as their is a serious issue with the transmission, all attempts to understand what is the fault fail, therefore repair is possible. We borrow his extra fuel and escort him to the Tarmac.

Anyhow we move on, and the leader and his Y62 get stuck, and I get stuck, the JEEP vs Patrol rivalry flares into bickering.

I have a tally of perhaps 4 stucks by now, The y62 has around 4 as well, the Jeep boys are all complaining about our buses. Progress is around 6.3km/h!!!!

Now to add spice to the situation, around 10:30 the xterra driver shares his outside temperature reading, 42 C!!!!, we were expecting a max of 36 at mid day. After about 40 degrees, digging, walking in deep sand and generally doing anything other than drinking fluids (not alcohol) will make your mind Numb.

All 3 Jeep drivers are not sitting in cooled cabins, and have opened the roof or windows, which does not help. 1 very vocal and shall we say supercharged jeep driver suffers dehydration, but the leader a Y62 driver rescues him by pulling out a ORS powder pack and my chilled water bottle from my centre console! 1 for the Patrols!

So patrol driver take turns on announcing on the radio channel to drink fluids, the Spaniards are fairly new the UAE and don't stop drinking beer, maybe they didn't pack sensible fluids, ohhh but they can't as they have no space!

Anyhow we make well deserved stop of lunch, and cut the route by 50 kms....after all it is desert, and if you have seen 1 dune, you have seen most of them.

just some photos of our progress to campsite, which now turned to 15km/h as the hardest section was completed, the dunes are spread out with large flat areas, and the talcum powder section was behind us now.

As we reached the camp, the yellow Jeep driver shares that his front left control arm is broken, we all look and see that it failed at the weld and metal fatigue of the control arm bracket on the front diff tube. The damage must have been sustained on a previous trip, but this outing the metal and weld finally gave way. He mentions that he can drive, but hears the control arm rubbing against something underneath, and takes easier lines.

So we reach campsite location after cutting the route again, and setup over some beers, we are all tired and wanting food and drinks. One of the jeep drivers, Antonio brought all that is needed to make a Spanish Paella from scratch, and wow what an effort, I cook some German sausages that go well down well with everyone as a starter. Night discussion are on JEEP vs Patrol, a trip to Iran, Jeep Vs Patrol, Russian vodka, Jeep Vs Patrol, we camped near a camel spider nest and observe around 20 of the buggers, and 2 run into the fire, Jeep Vs Patrol continues, self recovery Vs towing another car etc etc.

Next morning we set off, and here is the campsite, at the top of the dune you will notice a car stuck, this is the leader and Y62 driver....a Jeep TJ goes to rescue him....and gets stuck with both cars attached to a tow rope and jeep is not able to release the tension to free the rope...I am asked to help and progress to tow both of them out.

Anyhow we move along, with out incident, and the dunes are the highest and allow for large vistas of view from this area.

We move along from Campsite, with almost no stucks, 15kms from the end, the Yellow JK wrangler gets caught in a bowl.

He digs himself a path in front, and drives out, a minute later he announces that he has no steering. We all take a look and find that the steering linkage has been caught up with the front stabiliser bar bolts. We all gather round and decide the wrangler needs steering, and no way to tow her out, so we take a look at disconnecting the stabiliser, the Jeep boys look at each other as they have no tools between them, luckily I had calculated that 3 jeeps on a trip is high probability of some repair work required and pull out my tool box.

We proceed to remove the stabiliser bar from the droplinks on both sides and free the steering. below picture is me.

I must admit that the bolts barely had any torque on them at all, and bolts that are so exposed I thought there would be some resistance from corrosion or dirt locked in, but my son's pram has more torque on the bolts than the jeep.

So we proceed out of the dunes through bowl after bowl, picking a line is very difficult for the Y62 leader as the sun is bright, and all the dune angles are not readable anymore.

Anyhow we manage to get to the track to lead us to the tarmac highway, the yellow jeep makes a stop at the police station, to get a accident report, and cautiously drives along.

This has probably claimed the most cars, and drivers of any trip and many of the trip members experience. The Jeep Vs Patrol, yes the jeeps are light and do not sink in the sand as much as a Patrol does, but Patrol's can carry tools, and enough fuel to drive through with the A/C on, and still have enough space to unload a jeeps content into.

Thanks for reading folks.
by vanhack
12 Apr 2015 14:25
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Re: what is this?

That is basically the auto adjuster for the rear brakes so the heavier the rear is loaded the more brake force is applied to the rear most vehicles tend to brake more with the front brakes.
by Andre Steyn
26 Apr 2015 14:30
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Auto Hubs Service

Hi Gents

So as I had some problems with my hubs a while back and went through the whole process of buying a second hand one I discovered that I replaced the wrong one. Not wanting to spend more money I decided to strip the actual "broken" one to see if it is fixable and discovered that it really only needed a service. My hub got some water in at one stage and the whole thing was full of gunk and very rusty.

So here is my post on how to strip and service a auto hub on a Y61, but I think it might be the same or similar to the Y60. The photos I used here is not of my problematic hub, but just one that I serviced for the purpose of this thread.

1. remove the hub from the wheel bearing housing by removing the 6 x 8mm allen key bolts
2. once removed you will already be able to see and feel in what condition your hub is in, on mine you could see that there are problems even before I stripped it.


3. To be able to strip the hub you need to remove the thin ring that is pressed into the hub. I just tightened the hub inside the vice and knocked it out with a hammer and screw driver.


4. Here is how it looks with the ring removed


5. now you can remove the auto locking part of the hub, it basically falls out when the ring is removed


6. Here is a close up photo of how the hub looks after the auto locking mechanism has been removed. This is the actual part that locks the hub when you turn the bolt to "Lock". This hub wasnt in bad shape and was still working.


7. This is the hub housing once the mechanism has been removed


8. Locking mechanism, quite dirty....


9. Now we are half way and all that is left is a bit of elbow grease and some de greaser. I use a very strong cleaning agent called "Klear 4007" and I get it from Farm City.


10. Close up of the housing after it has been cleaned. If you look carefully you can see it has a bit of wear and tear on it, but nothing to worry about in my opinion.


11. Close up of the locking mechanism after it has been cleaned


12. Now you can lubricate everything and start to assemble. I used normal engine oil and will explain later why I used this insted of grease. Make sure when you put the locking mechanism back into the housing that the two little arms on the mechanism line up with the slots in the housing. my finger will point out the parts that need to allign in the next two photos. Once you put it in you can wiggle it a bit and you will feel it click into place


13. Installed locking mechanism


14. Now you install the auto locking mechanism, make sure the copper cir-clip is on the opposite side of the high part of the locking mechanism. (hope this sentence makes sense)


15. Now you just install the thin "locking ring" and thats that in a hat.


16. Now the last thing you can do, (thanks Christo for reminding me about this) is to put a thin layer of silicone where the auto hub bolts onto the wheel bearing housing. This wil make sure that your auto hub will stay dry inside when doing deep water and mud crossings
by Michael
05 May 2015 07:47
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Botswana side of the Kalagadi

by savutizn
15 May 2015 16:20
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Re: River trip 6 tot 10 aug 2015

My thanks to all the organizers and participants as well. As usual, it was great and I was proud to be part of such a great group of people.

Some teazers:






by Peter Connan
10 Aug 2015 16:01
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Re: River trip 6 tot 10 aug 2015




The first water we found other than small isolated pools was right where we needed to exit the Molotots. We drove across and followed a winding dirt road.


We found a grog shop where we stopped to put some air back in our tires and a filling station, but the filling station was dry. Some guys turned back to Die Eiland to find fuel, but most guys carried on to the Small Letaba.

Hitting the sand it was quite obvious that we were on hard tires, so we powered our way to the shade under the bridge and stopped to air down again.

Turning around, we headed up-river. The klein Letaba is considerably larger than the Molotots, whith a lot more water too, and unfortunately also more people.



We pitched camp pretty early, in what we thought was another pretty nice spot. I saw a spot where some fork-tailed drongos were catching termites, and wandered over in the hope of getting some good photos, but pretty soon these guys pitched up, saying "shoot me, shoot me", so I did.



So unfortunately this is the best I could do with the Drongos:

Rakker again seemed to enjoy bringing home the firewood.
by Peter Connan
13 Aug 2015 19:00
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Re: River trip 6 tot 10 aug 2015

Evan had some interesting ideas for night photos, so we borrowed Tinus's Patrol and drove a bit further up the river.



I had some ideas too.





Another beautiful night!
by Peter Connan
13 Aug 2015 19:16
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Re: River trip 6 tot 10 aug 2015


We had not gone very far in the morning when we came across Christo, Dirk and Rakker, who had as usual left about an hour before us. The obstacle that they had stopped in front of was to prove the toughest of the trip, and only four cars attempted it as it would be very slow going. Christo himself, Tnus, Michael and Alex.










by Peter Connan
13 Aug 2015 20:03
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Re: River trip 6 tot 10 aug 2015

A step in the riverbed caused by mining for sand gave us our next opportunity for fun.



A camera always bring out the hooligan in some people.





Alex finally found us, giving us the opportunity to settle another grudge match. With a drag race of course.


And then Tinus, in an inspired moment (actually he was trying to kap a doughnut, but it doesn't work well in soft sand), discovered the crop circle .


by Peter Connan
11 Aug 2015 19:07
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Re: River trip 6 tot 10 aug 2015


Shortly thereafter, Vinnige Fanus caught up with us.



And then we came across the first real obstacle. It started fairly innocently.



But got progressively worse, with some steep rockslider-testing rocks.




by Peter Connan
11 Aug 2015 19:25
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Re: River trip 6 tot 10 aug 2015






But the kicker was the dune one had to climb immediately after exiting the dune. Of course, the more cars churned it up, the tougher it bacame...





by Peter Connan
11 Aug 2015 19:37
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Re: River trip 6 tot 10 aug 2015









This obstacle took the first battle damage, making mincemeat of David Volschank's running boards and ripping off one of the appliance's mudflaps.


By the end of the day the dune was so tough, the maiden ended up on the endof a winch cable.
by Peter Connan
11 Aug 2015 20:01
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I did some searching using the info I had and this is my exact unit, except the part that says the wiring will fit the original!

I must say at this stage the quality looks good, the radio reception is better than the original and I'm stoked to have gotten such a cool prezzy!
by jonathan
28 Nov 2015 12:16
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Re: ZD30 cheap rebuild met fotos

Hi Guys,to all our diesel fanatics out there
The first sign of the injectors starting to play up ,is when you park your car at nite and the next morning you start it up and there is the rough coughing and white smoke and clattering of the engine....
the injectors cant hold its required pressures and it starts to leak RAW fuel onto the piston ,in doing so it also washes all lubrication of the cylinders . so when you want to start your engine in the morning,
the compression has now doubled because of raw diesel that leak through injector is now lying on top of piston and the friction of the piston is increased against the cleaned cylinder.
the crown of the piston takes the knock and starts to get hairline cracks which needless to say eventually lets go .
It pays to have those injectors calibrated and tested every 80 000- 100 000km
:mytwocents: :mytwocents:
by Wilkie
20 Jan 2016 13:33
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Re: 4500GRX: Nou het ek twee Patrols...

P.S. I got the standard bumper(with nudge bar) with the vehicle if anyone is looking for a bumper. :thumbup:
by SJC
26 Feb 2016 07:26
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Re: My Patrol

Thanks so far for the replies,

I must say, Ricster, I tend to agree with you.

The patrol is extremely "pap" on the pull off and uphills, also now that you mention it, I don't hear the turbo at all. Surely one should hear the turbo coming in? what can cause it not to boost?

I have ordered the Auber EGT gauge from the USA, I expect it to be here before the end of the month.
by PaulvdMerwe
29 Feb 2016 12:17
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