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Re: Seat Covers

Hi Frikkie,

Escape Gear are based in Diep River in Cape Town - call them on 021 706 0440 - very helpfull and on the ball, I bought direct from factory after struggling to get orders done via local 4x4 shop.


Peter V
by Peter Vee
06 Jan 2014 06:56
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Re: Aircon pomp

Die bearing het ek in Jhb gaan koop het my R180 gekos, dit meet 55mm-35mm-20mmdik. IMG-20140114-00021.jpg Ek het middelste boutjie uigedraai omtrent 5mm op n slag en so met 6mm bout in die middel die "pully" afgetrek. Elke keer hom so 5mm uitgedraai en dan weer getrek, IMG-20140114-00025.jpg Die 3 boute is M5 wat in pully se bestaande gate indraai. IMG-20140114-00024.jpg Ek het die onderste "pully" wat beld op loop met 'n "puller" afgetrek na ek die "circlip" verwyder het, IMG-20140114-00023.jpg dit het my darm R1200 gespaar om self te doen ! :thumbup: Ek het gas eers laat uit tap dan betaal 'n mens darm nie vir 'n volle "optop" nie. :mytwocents:
15 Jan 2014 08:03
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4.8 Coolant Replacement

Stumbled across this very useful information (certainly to me).
A while ago I drained the coolant on my4.8 to remove the thermostat housing as it started to show a slow leak where the housing started to corrode. As the coolant was fairly new because I replaced it not to long ago I drained it into a container.
Did the hole job and replaced the original coolant back into the system.
I knew I had an air lock as I was not able to get the amount I drained back in.
I started the engine to circulate the coolant and push the air out.
I continuously felt the hoses to determine when the thermostat open at which point I intended switching off and add water.
After a few minutes, and with the hoses still cold I suddenly realise something is wrong as the electric cooling fan came on. I immediately shut down the engine and could feel the block was warm but still no water flowing.
The heat of the block eventually conducted to the thermostat housing and eventually heated the thermostat to open enough to get the trapped air through.
Yes, while it was out I did check the small check valve and that was operating and perfect.
Well I stumbled across the following coolant bleed valve which I am convinced would have prevented the close call with great expenses.

Remove the plastic engine cover ( four 10mm screws) to expose the engine.
The read circle and yellow arrow indicate the bleed valve which according to the manual should be removed for draining the fluid and keep it open when refilling and only close when the water start to come out the bleed valve.
I will definitely follow this closely next time.
I am sure this would make the worlds difference and hope this could save someone else's bacon.
Bruin Beer
by Bruin Beer
17 May 2014 19:09
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3 days 3 camp sites

Last weekend.

My choice Limpopo River Lodge, Molema is just as beautiful and wilder but not as close to the river and here you can drive around the reserve which is not allowed at Molema.
by Cooper
16 Jun 2014 16:35
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Re: Nissan Keys, Keycoding and Parts

Chris, probeer Nico in Gezina
Tel :0833967619
by Etienne Gous
07 Mar 2015 22:24
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Re: PATROL 4.8 GRX Chip, map and freeflow

Hi Chris

There are so many different schools of thought pro and against and I am more driver than crew.
So if a modification makes a car more driveable then I am all for it.

I have read so many posts about a chip with a free-flow system or just the exhaust and no chip and everyone is entitled to their own experience.

My opinion is that the two are a package deal.

All 4.8 Patrol graphs that I have seen have a horrible slump right in the mid-range as evident on the torque graph I posted.
Mine may have been particularly bad.
There is no other way to alter that without a chip, and all a chip does is allow the tuner to modulate, air, fuel and timing to optimum performance and reliability.
It stands to reason that an engine performing optimally will be most economical.
My experience is just that.

I am blown away at how much of a difference this has actually made.
For an example, I did the same work to my Range Rover and saw minimal improvement which means the car was close to optimum already.
But on the Patrol its at least a 20% improvement and one needs to study the graph to interpret real world results.
For example, at 2500 rpm I now have over 400nm of torque where you need it, to cruise at 120 and have her hold that in top gear.
I find that cruising at 130 is even better as the torque converter tends to stay locked up at that speed and so minimal loss of thrust through the auto gearbox.

I apologise for a long winded answer but in short I did all fluids, including a complete gearbox flush.
I bought none of it from Nissan, but researched it carefully and anyone interested in what I used is welcome to contact me.
As for performance I didn’t want to spend money on a whole exhaust system but RG asked if they could build me a proper system and I relented.
The secret is having a good restriction after the down-pipes to create back-pressure and thereafter free-flow with boxes to keep the sound in check.
No drone whatsoever.
Will post some pics of the system.
And a chip to make sure it all was working nicely.

There are many suppliers of piggy back chips which have pre-written maps, I am not in favour of those at all, but obviously that’s way easier than hours on the Dyno for the tuner.
Neither am I in favour of split maps, which you switch over for different conditions.
I want a map that works for all functions/aspects of the car and that is achieved by correctly plotting the map on the Dyno.
Rob Green know what they are doing and as I have done many vehicles with them I could talk to them on a package for forum members if there is enough interest.
They will be more expensive than your corner exhaust place but you get what you pay for and if you want quality workmanship without the loss of reliability I’m prepared to pay a premium, knowing if they mess up they will stand by their work for as long as it takes to get it right.
Its not the noise of the exhaust you want to be paying for, I don't want a noise, I want performance.

My experience with them is a Supercharged Colt that I have sold that used to push out 186 kw on the wheels and tow like it was nothing.
I had over 200 000 km on that car and any problems I had were my own doing, just pushing a little too hard.
Two 530 diesels which I still have as well as a RangeRover Sport which on a 1000 km trip returned an average of 12.2 l/100. Not bad for a 4.4 litre V8

Yes I am not checking my exact distance with a GPS but the parameters remain the same. An improvement is an improvement whichever way you measure it.

While I may wax lyrical, the reason for this is that in my research on Patrols in this forum there was perhaps a bit of ignorance around chipping and definitely a lot of bias against taking something good and making it better.
I was nervous that I would destroy already expensive economy through chipping as I have read that others have seen no improvement.
All I can say is I can stick to the speed limit and even do a bit more with a lot of steep hills and still return 14.1/100 on a trip with a severe headwind for half of that distance.

What is of more importance to me is that I can now tow and have even more available for overtaking. Or sit cruising at a steady 150 and still return acceptable economy.
And wow if I want to do 200 I can do that quickly.

The more powerful the car the safer it is to drive.

by Mystical_Beast
27 Sep 2015 21:24
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Re: n kans om die noord kaap se duine te ry ....


Trip was fantastic, although it started off on a bad note. My wife was attacked by three thugs in Kuruman on the way down. I fought them off and got her into the car. Cellphone stolen, but guys were arrested by the police. All I really care about is the safety of my family, and we're all fine. In other words, it worked out OK.

We thought we were staying at Boegoebergdam (on the other side of the river). When we realised our mistake, we turned around to get to the other side, and burst a tyre on the caravan. Issues with the wheel studs on the spare (and the fact that my brother in law recently decided to put lock nuts on all wheels but never provided me with the "key") meant we were stranded next to the road for a few hours whilst we sorted the stuff out. In the end, we were under way again at 19h00, but decided to overnight at Groblershoop.

We replaced the tyre in Groblershoop on Friday morning, and got to Trans Boegoe at about 11h00. In other words, I missed the first day's drive.

On Saturday, I joined the group for the drive. Deflated to 0.5 (it's the lowest I've ever run my tyres - it looked completely wrong), and headed into the dunes. Not really sure what else I can say - point the vehicle at the dune, and gun it. I'm sure the guys who did both days can make more comments. All in all, I'm impressed with my vehicle. Whilst the 4.5 coped well, it is amazing to see how much better the 4.8's (and Tommie's 7 litre monster) performed.

I think pictures say things much better than I can explain (despite the fact that one does not get the exact impression of how steep and high some of the dunes really are). I will see if I can get the stuff downloaded, and post some pictures this evening.
by iandvl
28 Sep 2015 12:05
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Re: Camping trailer

Hi Peter - Ive also been considering making a bike trailer but have heard its nigh on impossible to get a home build registered and roadworthy. What do you plan to do regards this aspect?

3 options that I know of.

1. Buy an old stuffed trailer with papers and use it's reg and VIN etc.
2. Some of the trailer builders will do it for you for about R 2 k.
3. I have heard that some of the trailer suppliers will do it for you if you have bought all the parts from them, ie axle, wheels, towbar coupling etc......

I know a guy in the industry and will ask him when I see him tomorrow.
by David M
26 Sep 2016 09:35
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Re: Heater Stopped Working

Hi Chris ....I've got my Patrol dash completely strip down and you welcome to come and look whats potting behind the scenes.....and I live 10km away from you WWW
by Wilkie
05 May 2017 15:45
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Re: What Maintenance for Hubs??

Chris..... I think I just got caught with my pants down.... I was looking to see if i could find the pics I took of when I did it, and I cannot find them for some reason, but now I'm doubting myself if they were the Patrols Auto hubs or the SANI manual hubs. I really cannot remember exactly. Having said that, The principals will be the same I would think. Whatever comes out must go back in the exact same sequence.

I think Michael did a write-up a little while back on servicing the Auto hubs. I"ll see if I can find it.
by ricster
04 Sep 2017 11:50
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