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Re: 4.2 TD GU Y61

Congrats on the buy ! :thumbup:
It's a real beauty.

Name your price and when I can fetch it :lol: :lol: :lol:

When I didn't hear back from Johan I will admit I was seriously bleak.
5 year living with the regret of selling your Patrol eats at a guy.
Is my sob story working yet ? :lol:
by Dustin
30 Jun 2016 08:13
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Re: 2K1 - Headlight Protectors

Nice work.

Just a word of caution though, Perspex (PMMA) is terrible with impact resistance.
It will shatter like glass if struck by any stones or debris.
It will most likely absorb enough energy to save the light, but it will be a 1 and done kind of a deal.

Rather get your hands on some clear Polycarbonate. Maybe a 3mm.
It's the same stuff aircraft windows are made from.
Sometimes it's referred to as Lexan, but that's just a brand name.
A place called Maizeys will sell you some off cuts. They have branches all over.

I'm a design engineer for a plastics company in PE, and we often make helicopter and small fixed wing aircraft windows from Polycarbonate.
The stuff is as tough as nails when it comes to impact resistance.
The only downside is once you scratch it, it's impossible to buff out the scratch.

Side note :
NEVER clean any acrylic plastics (Perspx, Polycarb, PETg, etc.) with any type of solvent based cleaner. Only use mild soap and water.
Because the plastics are petroleum based, solvents will cause the plastics to attempt to revert back to their base components. The result is what is termed 'crazing'.
The plastics will first become milky/dull and then show tiny hairline fractures across the entire surface.

The only challenge you'll have with Polycarbonate is temperature when it comes to making the bends/forming.
Polycarbonate is a bugger to bend by hand.
Sometimes if it is old material, it will draw moisture when it stands, and when you overheat the material the bends will be full of bubbles from the moisture 'boiling' inside the material.

The best solution is to put the raw panel of Polycarb in an oven on 120 degrees Celsius and you'll leave it in for 3 hours per millimeter. So on 3mm material it will be 9 hours on 120 degrees C.

When you heat it to bend, make sure the heating is done evenly at about 140 degrees C.
Only the material starts to become flexible (test by bending slightly by hand) it is ready to bend.

What we generally do for molding to parts like light lenses and windows, it we make a fiberglass copy of the part.
You could even make a paper mache copy over the face of the light. Once it dries, smear some body filler over the low points to fill them up and sand the face completely smooth (any high or low points will show in the plastic), then heat the whole piece of material and drape it over the mold and let it cool.
The plastic will have the exact shape of the light it covers.

Hope this all helps.
by Dustin
07 Jul 2016 08:16
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Re: 4.2 TD GU Y61

Hi oom, I spoke to Stefaansie.
He doesn't want to sell the Blue GU.
by Dustin
26 Jul 2016 23:19
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Re: Suspension

If you guys are looking for TOUGH DOG suspension and pretty much anything else nice from OZ, contact Andre Thuynsma (AT.Patrol4.2D on the forum) in PE.
As far as I know he's affiliated with Opposite Lock from OZ.
He's got Tough Dog fully adjustable on his GQ.
by Dustin
25 Jul 2016 17:28
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Re: Patrol porn......

Here's a few, and even some vintage Patrol porn for the older gents, just to show I'm not bias to the GU's only.
by Dustin
25 Aug 2016 16:09
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Re: Camping trailer

Me likes ! :thumbup:
Awesome design with some very cleverly thought out details.

I've been threatening for years to build one up as well.
The wife has recently given me the stamp of approval, so I've started on the design as well.
I can take your laziness of set up even further, I'm 10 times as lazy, so I've going for a pop up & out design like the Fleetwood offroad campers from the USA.
by Dustin
29 Aug 2016 14:29
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Re: 15" rims
Being launched in SA this month.
Limited size options available as they will be fully imported.
Full size range will be available next year when full local production commences.
I've already planted the seed with the big wigs to bring in 285/75 R16 , 285/70 R17 , 33x10.5 R15 and 33x12.5 R15 saying that there is a lot of interest from the Patrol forum :thumbup:
Let's see what happens.
The import models will have Red lettering and the locally produced tires will have White lettering.
by Dustin
06 Sep 2016 14:52
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Re: Ball joints replace or service?

Hey Donnie

If you're struggling to find bits and pieces, drop Marinus (Marino4x4) an email on
He imports Terrain Tamer parts from Oz.
See what the pricing compares to local parts.
by Dustin
22 Sep 2016 09:13
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Re: Hallo iNyathi

I'll say it again, congrats on the rig !
It's a real cracker of a Patrol !!!
wishing you many happy miles with iNyathi oom Mac :thumbup:
by Dustin
03 Aug 2016 20:35
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My '98 GU 4.2 TD

Hi all.
I finally found my once in a lifetime, end of the rainbow, double unicorn 1998 Nissan Patrol 4.2D GL ! :woo: :blonde: :blonde: :blonde:

The break down so far :
1998 GU 4.2D
242 000km
1 owner - elderly German gentleman, treated it like his baby. Sold to buy a smaller car for him and his wife because they're too old to travel anymore.
Full service history with Nissan from brand new
TJM deluxe aluminium bull bar
2" Old Man Emu Nitro Sport suspension
Safari Snorkel
Long range fuel tank
Rear park distance control
33" Maxxis Big Horn mud terrains
Dual battery system
Aluminium roof rack
Dual jerry can carrier
Single water tank carrier
Gas bottle carrier
Eezi Awn retractable awing
African Outback drawer system
Custom built attachment for drawer system to convert rear into double bed
Tarkla full load area protection kit
Headlight protectors
Bonnet protector
Rear spoiler
Spot lights
ARB air compressor mounted in engine bay
Secondary portable ARB air compressor with 10m airline
JVC head unit
Full sheep skin seat cover set from band new - seats look brand new under covers
Recovery kit in drawers
Extra fuel filter, complete set of belts, complete set of pipes, headlamp bulbs and box of new glow plugs in drawers.
Original Nissan workshop manuals on drawers.

Future mods : (in no particular order)
LED light bars to roofrack and bull bar.
HID spot lights.
Swap front bull bar for steel winch bar.
Steel rock sliders with itergrated scrub bars connecting to winch bar.
Steel rear bar with wheel carrier that opens with big barn door (have the design).
12000lb winch.
TURBO conversion !!! :pray:
76mm exhaust from turbo.

SWAMBO gave the troll the name Shaggy, because with all the sheep skin seat covers, cup holder inserts, door pocket liners, ashtray insert... she's pretty sure the old gent had a bit of a sheepskin fetish and it reminded her of some sort of 70's style overland adventure shag wagon.

A big shout out to all who helped make this possible :thumbup: :clap:

I'll keep the thread updated as mods happen :salute:
by Dustin
11 Sep 2016 21:01
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Re: Patrol porn......

Forum is quiet today, so here's some more pics.
by Dustin
06 Oct 2016 12:57
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Spare parts oil catch can

It was a slow day at work.
They were throwing out a water trap because the regulator was poked.
I saw an oportunity.
Removed the sacraficial anode and drilled out the regulator assembly and tapped thread. Made up a top blanking plate where the regulator adjuster fitted, made up a downpipe, cut some alu scrubbing wool and hey presto...a redneck engineered scrap parts oil catch can.
I'll add a proper drain tap and pipe later.
by Dustin
10 Oct 2016 23:16
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Re: Show us your GU

Ooooo...all nice and shiny :biggrin:
A new 4.2 would be so cool to own. You're very lucky.
Looks good :thumbup:
by Dustin
07 Nov 2016 13:04
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Re: Camping trailer

Nice :thumbup:
Almost there Peter
by Dustin
12 Nov 2016 17:48
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Re: Dash gauge console

Hey Cedric

I'm assuming you used a closed cell foam (eg. Sondor SPX60 ) to make your plug/mould ?
That foam is polyethylene based. Resin eats it pretty hectically.
It doesn't take any kind of filler material or wax well.
We've experimented with it in our pattern shop for tooling purposes.
The best way forward on that will be to clad the foam in a layer of tin foil (shiny side up).

Spread a thin layer of contact adhesive type glue over the foam and apply the tin foil while it is wet. Spread out any folds or blemishes in the foil like you were "ironing" it, so that you have an almost mirror type finish.
Once everything has dried, brush a thin layer of resin onto the tin foil until it is tacky.
Lay a layer of epoxy cloth on the resin and apply resin over the cloth to form a single layer of fibre glass.
Once it has dried, pop it free from the mould, give a light sand with coarse sand paper the inside and lay layers of cloth and resin to the inside to build your layers up for strength.

Hope this helps :thumbup:
by Dustin
22 Nov 2016 22:26
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Re: My '98 GU 4.2D

I recognise those parts... :biggrin:
If it wasn't for you guys getting hold of a plastic OME air box and getting all the measurements accurately, I'd still be twiddling my thumbs trying to get the mounting points sorted :thumbup:
Not an easy job at all without having a sample to work from.
I've been scouring every possible source for a second hand plastic box with no luck at all.
They're scarcer than hen's teeth.

The grade 304 stainless steel air box is quite pricey, but hopefully while making the sample they are going to do a time and motion study to see exactly how long it takes and material used.
I'm hoping it brings the price down significantly.
I fought the guys down a lot ! I put the hurt on them big time.
On the flip side, the stainless steel air box will last forever with no cracking, warping or broken clips.

Let's see where it lands up.
I'll keep you posted.
by Dustin
05 Apr 2017 08:06
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Re: Camping trailer

Cool :thumbup:
Safe travels.
I'll wait to hear and see how it went on the trip.
by Dustin
05 Apr 2017 21:34
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Re: Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction

Welcome :thumbup:
I think the GQ needs a hair dryer soon, and then you'll be TurboTommieGQ :rolling:
Life's too short to keep it stock !
by Dustin
21 Apr 2017 08:30
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Re: My '98 GU 4.2 TD

Hey Dirk
The gas lift are super easy to install.

The Patrol had Gabriel 4297's on, which have a M6 thread on the ends.
I went for Gabriel 4141's like Michael and had them pumped to 400Nm.
The thread on the 4141's is M8, so you'll have to buy the end fittings too.

The process is take a small flat screwdriver and put it under the spring steel retainer clip and lift it up.
It will allow the ball joint to separate easily.
The ball ends on the car screw out and screw in the new ball ends for the 4141's.
Then it's just a case of clipping the new gas strut in onto the ball ends, just place them on top and give a quick press for them to clip in.

Now the bonnet opens much further than the old 4297's :thumbup:

Costs :
2X Gabriel 4141 gas lifts pumped to 400Nm - R310.65
4X End fittings for 4141 gas lifts - R140.00
Total - R 450.65 all from Midas
by Dustin
28 Apr 2017 17:02
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Re: My '98 GU 4.2 TD

The air box finally came.
Fits nice and snugly. A piece of 3" silicone hose on the snorkel inlet seals super tight, no way water is getting passed that.
The air box looks awesome in the engine bay :woo:
Going to relocate the 2nd battery into the back. Will cut an access panel in the drawer system lid to fit the battery between the drawers and the body panel.
Unfortunately the air box won't allow for the 2nd battery as the outlet to the turbo touches, so a bit of compromise :rolleyes:

I'm sticking the air boxes under Marketplace - General items / Services for sale if anyone would like to order one.
The engineering shop made some serious jigging fixtures, so they can churn them out 100% every time.

I made up a really cheap and nasty hood scoop from HDPE and pop riveted it to the bonnet for now until the final part is complete.
You have no idea how much it hurt me to have to cut a hole in the bonnet :eek:
At least it's drivable now, so time to drive and tune it :blonde:
by Dustin
06 May 2017 08:40
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