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Re: Fredlin Hoist

I hope this helps. Shout if you require better photos of a specific area...

The rear area is simple - it consists of a roller on each side containing a single run of the webbing. This webbing runs inside the U-channel of the hoist to the front part, where it is fitted to a dedicated roller on each side.

The front part is a bit more complex. You'll end up with two rollers on each side. One roller lives inside the other end of the U-channel and guides the webbing that comes from the rear of the hoist. The other roller lives inside the top part of the fancy 45-degree bracket and handles the webbing for the front part of the hoist. The 45-degree bracket is bolted onto the inside of the U-channel. You'll have a similar setup on either side of the hoist to handle the front and rear of the webbing:
Voor links binne bo.jpg

The bottom part of the 45-degree bracket contains the shaft that actually performs the lifting. You'll fit the rear and front webbing onto this shaft, and repeat it for the left & right sides of the hoist. The webbing going to the rear roller is obviously much longer than the webbing that goes to the front:
Voor links onder buite.jpg

A shaft connects the bottom of the two 45-degree brackets together so that both sides are lifted by the same amount when you crank the handle of the worm gear.
Voor links onder binne.jpg

I found it easiest to construct it on the ground first. I took my measures like that, then I welded some flat bar to the underside of my roof, drilled holes where required (the U-channel of the hoist is pre-drilled at appropriate points) and bolted the hoist onto the flat bar.
by ChristoSlang
08 Apr 2013 14:39
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Re: Nissan 4x4 Club event 13 April - NEW TRAIL !!

Isuzu lead the way....
by jvg
13 Apr 2013 17:53
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Re: Nissan Patrol 4.8 grx For sale

Dirk tiptronic grx al die bells en whistles
hy het n snrorkel en groter bande ek is nie seker of die dakrak en seatcovers ingesluit is nie
6,5km per liter op die highway 5km per liter as jy jaag
by Tinus lotz
14 Jan 2014 22:23
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Re: Rooftop tents x2

Dirk, when faced with this same dilemma I manufactured my own big rooftop tent.

It is 2.45 x 2.1m, and accomodates my family of four quite comfortably, and I have enough space left on my rack for three jerry cans and a gas bottle. Add to that the hi-lift jack and awning already on the rack, and you can see that I have a lot more weight on my roof than any recomended figure you will find anywhere, and I have not had any issues. Despite travelling far too fast on very rough roads.

That's around 190kg when travelling, and another 270kg when the family is in the tent.

by Peter Connan
11 Feb 2014 06:52
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Perfect gearbox service - ACR in Pretoria

Name of Company: ACR Gearbox
Nature of business: Gearbox service
Speciality: manual Gearboxes, Diffs
Based in (Town): Pretoria North
Service area (e.g. National/ Western Cape, Durban):
Contact Person: Johnny
Contact email:
Contact tel. number: 012 546 8758
Street Address: Wonderboom Street 421
Web. Address:
Referrals (Patrol forum members only): perfect repair of my transfer case, really nothing to complain.
by stobi_de
02 Dec 2014 09:57
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Re: River Trip 6-10 August 2015

Is julle seker dis nie die volgende Groot Trek nie......
by Pieter B
20 Apr 2015 07:15
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Re: River Trip 6-10 August 2015 AKA Die Groot Trek

[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;] Group 1: [/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;] Group 2: [/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;] Group 3: [/td][/tr]
[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;] 07h:30 [/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;] 08h:00 [/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;] 08h:30 [/td][/tr]
[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]1. Offroadbiker[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]14. juice[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]27. Wilkie "Reel Easy"[/td][/tr]
[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]2. Mcrite[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]15. gary roberts[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]28. Manie "Maginty"[/td][/tr]
[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]3. Chris Boegman[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]16. Tinus[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]29. Peter Kerford[/td][/tr]
[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]4. Oellie[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]17. Michael[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]30. Dewald[/td][/tr]
[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]5. Alex Roux[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]18. Pieter C[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]31.[/td][/tr]
[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]6. Ettiene Gouws [/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]19. DawidT[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]32.[/td][/tr]
[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]7. Mini Patrol[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]20. JoshJ[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]33.[/td][/tr]
[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]8.[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]21. Louis Debatte Monroy[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]34.[/td][/tr]
[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]9.[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]22. Ricster[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]35.[/td][/tr]
[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]10.[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]23. marakasmalan[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]36.[/td][/tr]
[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]11.[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]24. Christoslang[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]37.[/td][/tr]
[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]12.[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]25. Chris Skinner[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]38.[/td][/tr]
[tr=][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]13.[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]26. Tony[/td][td=border:1px solid #cccccc;]39.[/td][/tr]
by Michael
11 May 2015 11:56
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Re: River Trip 6-10 August 2015 AKA Die Groot Trek

Goeie more Dirk
Ek sien dat Manie "Maginty en Peter Kerford nog steeds op die lys is,hulle het al n rukkie terug ge onttrek... :salute:

dis nou net twee weke oor :surprised: :surprised:
by Wilkie
23 Jul 2015 07:58
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Re: Ladder for Roof Rack.

Hi Dirk,

jammer ek het so lank gevat met die afmetings. dit lyk so:
Bo breedte - 270mm
onder breedte - 350mm
lengte van bo na onder 1120mm

hoop dit help. :thumbup:
by JoshJ
07 Sep 2015 18:29
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Re: Submissions to Drive Out/WegRy

Ek kan ongelukig nie weer my foto insit vir die prys nie, ek is klaar in uitgawe 66 waar ek my troll versuip het. :biggrin:
by Oellie
08 Oct 2015 08:41
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Re: Bietjie Speel Saterdag 2015-10-24

Laaste paar




by Peter Connan
01 Nov 2015 09:14
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Re: Today's gumtree ads - 3 Patrol's

First one with no body: Think you would have more luck finding a gold bar lying in the road than finding a body for that, but maybe try David

Second one: Looks bloody nice and for a very good price, I would go and take a look

Third one, he must be smoking something R120K for what looks like a bog standard GQ no way
by IanT
26 Nov 2015 13:56
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Dec 2015 From Cape Town to Namibia

The people: myself, wife, sister & brother-in-law. Vehicle: 1996 Patrol SGL GQ. We left early on 16th Dec and stopped at The Withuis, otherside of Grunau, where we
slept, excellent accommodation. The next day we headed off to Windhoek and slept over between Okahandja and Windhoek. Next day we were on our way to Etosha and
entered the park at the Anderson Gate and camped at Okaukuejo. Leaving the next morning for Namutoni. On our way we saw an abundance of animals including two young
lions. From Namutoni we left the park at King Nehale Gate in the north and we entered Ovamboland, and travelled to Ruacana where we stayed overnight. Unfortunately the dam was not open, so there was no water at the Ruacana Falls. We moved on to Swartbooisdrift where we paid tribute to the Dorslandtrekkers at their monument. What a
picturesque tour along the Kunene river. We set up camp at the Epupa Falls next to the Kunene under the Makalani Palms. What a wonderful experience. We could see the
crocs on the Angola side of the river. Two days later we left for the Twyfelfontein area via Opuwo and Palmwag. We stayed over at the Aba Huab River Camp. This was
quite a long trek for the day. The next day we visited the Twyfelfontein, petrified forest, the organ pipes and the rock art and then we went via Khorixas to Henties, Swakop
& Walvis. We spent three there. Of course we visited Dune 7 and Pellican Point (light house). On the 26th Dec we left for Solitaire. On our way to Solitaire we passed through the Kuiseb Canyon. At Solitaire we enjoyed their famous apple pie. Then we moved on to Soussos Vlei which was extremely hot and we decided to overnight at Betta. The next morning we paid a visit to the Duwisib Castle. Then we moved on to Aus where we slept. The next day we went to Rosh Pinah and crossed the border at Oranjemund. We
passed Alex Bay en-route to Port Nolloth and stayed at the Beach House. After breakfast we left for Van Rhynsdorp, Vredendal and we stayed over at Lutzville hotel. Next
morning it was Home James! We covered the distance of 5969 kilometers. The Patrol with the four passengers and all our luggage gave an average fuel comsumption of 4,5
kilometers to the litre. Of the 5969 kilos, 2200 were gravel roads.
by minwater
14 Jan 2016 20:05
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Re: Montana training for the stupid people

Just a quick Thank you to all the guys last night and especially to Tinus for the amazing hospitality and to Kevin for the priceless education!
That man really knows his business guys! If you get a chance go and pick his brains and learn!!

Thanks Boys! Great evening! :salute:
by AdrianPowrie
04 Mar 2016 11:24
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Re: Rus de Winter Jamboree 29 April - 1 May 2016

Tinus "John Travolta" Lotz... :blonde: :blonde: :rolling: :rolling:
by SJC
10 Apr 2016 09:08
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Re: Nissan Off-Road Club 10th Anniversary 2016

Ek behoort binnekort die lys van wat ons in die 4 dae gaan doen beskikbaar kan maak! :thumbup:
by Herrie
05 May 2016 11:11
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Trip Klein Eden - Namibia

DSCN5943.jpg DSCN5941.jpg DSCN5940.jpg DSCN5929.jpg DSCN5916.jpg Some pics of TBC Klein Eden, my first trip with the roof rack I purchase off the forum site, thanks Michael for helping with this, roof rack works great its a pleasure to have a rack, wind deflectors fitted after camp makes no difference still whistles by sun roof, forum menbers any ideas to stop the whistling?
by Tiny Howarth
01 Jun 2016 19:45
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Re: Conversion of a lifetime. Comments please

Baie dankie meneer, dit help bitter baie.
by Ruan Scholtz
06 Jun 2016 19:38
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Re: Advise/Raad

hahaha.... ja.... jealousy makes you..... use more petrol.... :lol: :lol:

NADS (Nissan Anti-Detonation System)

The below is copied from .....

[i]The Nissan Patrol 3L di engine can have a few modifications to make it more reliable and avoid the dreaded 'grenade'. This thread is not here to debate the reliability of the engine, or compare it to the 4.2 or petrol variants, its here as an easy to follow guide for anyone interested in doing the modifications.

I have done these modifications to about 10 GU patrols now, and while I'm not a qualified mechanic I reakon I have it down pat. Many thanks to Chaz for teaching me.

Any advice on this thread is just that - advice. I am not a mechanic so if in doubt ask first!


NADS or Nissan Anti Detonation is a series of simple modifications that can be done to the di zd30 engine and exhaust to avoid the well documented issues with piston and engine damage.



There are 5 root causes for the zd30 engine failures.

1. Exhaust Gas Reticulation Valve (EGR). This valve recycles inert (but very dirty) exhaust gas back into the inlet manifold in an effort to reduce emissions. However the blank gunk deposited creates restrictions in the inlet manifold causing hot spots and starvation to mainly number 2 and 3 cylinders. See the install section for photos.

2. Oil Starvation. When the early engines came out, Nissan recommended that it only required 6 or so litres of oil. After a while they noticed many failures and "fixed" the problem by recalling the Patrols to shorten the dipstick. The correct amount of oil for the Di ZD30 is 8.3 Litres.

The modified length of the dipstick is (edit)cm

3. Overboosting. The ECU on the early GU patrols doesnt control the boost very well. The GU patrol has a Garratt VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbo). The way this works is - the pitch of the blades of the turbo are changed to create more boost at lower exhaust pressure. Think about how a turbo prop planes engine works. At a constant rev range the power (or thrust) can be increased, decreased or even reversed by changing the pitch of the blades. Like a fan!. The ECU has a pretty big job on its hands trying to control boost at the best of times - different engine revs, different load, the EGR opening and closing (which increases boost in the inlet manifold, after the turbo that the ECU doesnt know about). Nissan introduced an overboost sensor to try and over come this. It basically measures the boost (in the intercooler) and if it stays over a certain psi (it seems different for many sampled patrols) if puts the car into limp mode. You will know if you have limp mode if you are driving along, and all of a sudden if feels like you have no power. If you release the accellerator and reapply, it resets. Very annoying!

4. High EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature). The Diesel engine is made to work. Good torque at low revs so you dont have to rev its guts out to get power. Its one of the reasons it is so fuel efficient compared to petrol engines) as a lot of the power is rquired just to get your 3T car moving! Obviously for the engine to run you need fuel and air and the combination of these can determine the temperature of the exhaust. Over fuelling or underboosting are common causes of high EGT. Why should i care about EGT? Well, at certain temperatures metals change caracteristics. They can get weaker (causing failure) or even melt! If your exhaust is glowing hot, think about how the pistons, cylinders, manifolds, oil and turbo are feeling!

5. Dirty or faulty MAF sensor. The MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) is a small device located just after the air filter which measures the volume, speed and temperature of the incoming air. If the sensor is faulty, the ECU can over or under fuel the engine, causing high EGT and failure.

A common issue with MAF sensors is that they get oil on them. This is caused by the Crank Case Ventilation hose feeding back into the air inlet, just after the air filter. If you have a look on top of your engine, you will see the pipe coming from the top most part of the engine, it goes to the air inlet next to the passenger side battery. Oil mist causes the MAF to give incorrect readings. Regularly cleaning your MAF sensor, and fitting a good qulity catch can will certainly help. Its a simple thing that can be done relativly quickly. See the how to section for details.


If you have read this far, you are probably keen to learn about what is included in "the mods" - Well here they are!

Boost Gauge

EGT Gauge

EGR "Shim"

Dawes Valve

Needle Valve

Catch Can

Exhaust upgrade

Intercooler upgrade
by ricster
15 Jun 2016 09:58
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Re: Front Brake Hose Lines

Thanks guys. Got new ones made-up from the local Midas shop. Just need to install them now.
by Rudolph
13 Jul 2016 12:49
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Re: Custom paint job, ladder & brush rails

Dirk jou " bos trok" lyk baie mooi.
Het lekker na hom gekyk op die river trip, wil vir my windskerm ook sticker maak.
by SJC
11 Aug 2016 10:17
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Re: River trip 2016

Some more...









by Peter Connan
11 Aug 2016 20:20
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Re: River trip 2016







by Peter Connan
12 Aug 2016 21:29
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