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Stafan Thanks if I could find it I would have clicked it to thank you. But I cant find it.................

This is all I can see. Am I missing it?
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by Overdrive
20 Oct 2013 17:49
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Check Your Banjo boys.... trust me... pics added

No,...not the "you got a perty mouth" kinda banjo..... im talking banjo filters..

For a long while now ive been concerned that my patrol seemed to have slowly but surely less powerful than when i purchased the vehicle, and used the slihgjtest bit more fuel,.... problem is that i didnt have the figures to prove this and i was wondering if its was all just in my head or not,.... and for about a year or so now i've been interested in weather or not i should check and replace injector tips or leave them well alone (like i have been warned to do).....,

but a few days back i noticed my patrol had a subtle feeling of fuel starvation, mostly when going above 2300rpm, but also felt "heavy" during traffic crawing as if the clutch was slipping,... but it wasnt as the revs stayed constant, just felt a bit dead.

I checked the filter, which had done 5000km of fair driving,... and although there was no water in the trap, i did find it had more particles in the filter trap then normal,.... so i replaced the item immediately and checked air filter...

Vehicle still did the same thing.... Eish,...

Read up on these symptoms on the Auzzi Site.. lead me to multiple threads on the same subject and most pointed to a small filter on the fuel lift pump call a banjo filter. It sits right below the bajo bolt on the radiator side of the pump and is easily removed by means of a small hook, or tweezers.

Turns out mine was hellova blocked up!... i cleaned this out with compressed air,...refitted, and bobs your gay brother... SORTED... vehicle ran like a new Patrol!

I was so scared that dirty fuel had made its way to the injector tips, but im pleased to say that Nissan peeps were thinking clearly that day and designed this little gem of a part.

Check yours, it take a minute or so to do.

Heres some pics.
by Russ Kellermann
27 Oct 2013 21:20
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Re: Oxygen Sensors, MAF sensor?

Hi guys,

Okay I watched a vid today explaining how to test your O2 sensors, very easy, link is here:

Anyway, after the %&$* bastards at Nissan Nelspruit told me my sensors were checked and are ok, I decided to check them myself as I was sure my patrol was overfuelling. Turns out both were stone dead, one's wires were even without insulation anymore, so ZERO signal getting to ECU from that one, other one reached a max on 0.2V where they should get to 0.9 to 1.0V. Anyway, I went to Bosch Diesel, and bought 2 universal sensors from them, but here's the catch, and the purpose of this post:

The ones you get at Bosch, are 4-wire, the ones that come off the troll are 3 wire. They told me the 3-wire we'll only get from the stealers. Anyway, the 4-wire sensor works. The extra wire (grey in colour), is just an external ground which I soldered together (one each from each sensor), then to a single wire lead to earth on one of the component mounts in the engine bay. The 2 white ones join to 2 white on the new sensors, and black to black. Simple as that.

Thought I'd let you guys know so you don't get disheartened and go buy from the dealers for like R7k per pair.

We need to get innovative on checking and solving our own issues guys, and sharing results. I went to Steves Auto in Nelspruit and was told I need a chip and freeflow. WTF!?

Engine idles much smoother with new sensors installed, will test drive to town tomorrow, and run a few tanks to see if consumption improves any. After cleaning MAF sensor and reversing the PVA mod, my consumption (for highway only on this occasion) ran 6.46km/l over 560km. Felt great, tank was on half after 560km!! :)

Cheerio guys

by Blitzpatrollie
07 Nov 2013 21:05
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Re: Hi Patrol fanatics.

Hallo Dirk,

baie welkom! :thumbup:

Ps. Dirk hit edit above your first post and then supply a few details. Tnx
by JohnBoyZA
14 Nov 2013 10:27
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Re: Fuel Pump Replacement


Before replacing the fuel pump, replace the fuel filter first. I did it the other way round just to find the filter was the biggest culprit...

Lesson regarding pump vs filter replacement

The "VW" 4 bar replacement I used didn't have plugs, but did have another type of connection - ie lugs were not threaded like the orginal, and I had to add some nuts to fix the wires.

Good luck
26 Nov 2013 21:00
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Re: Water tank Opinion

Yes Marino's shape is the one I have. We have a little one in the car so unfortunately I cannot sacrifice both back seats which alternatively would have been great. Only sacrificing one does help but creates awkward packing arrangement in remainder of space. I like the idea of the on roof solution and have smaller containers to keep in the car during the day. Practical solution with all kinds of practical benefits.
by jwilkinson
28 Nov 2013 09:24
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Re: Photo competition 2013


Methinks the Uncle is going to win with the sunset in the dunes photo....
by Stefaansie
03 Dec 2013 08:56
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Re: I am back!

Ek het gou gister die agter vensters ge-tint, maar hell jy moet darem geduld hê. DIt lyk nou nie heeltemal so dit sal lyk as hy uit die fabriek kom nie maar het darem so paar pitte gespaar :mytwocents:

by Fred79
02 Feb 2014 18:52
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Re: Manifold Wrap

Go to your nearest Powerflow exhaust shop they will help you with Exhaust wrap(asbestos wrap/tape) gets used on the branches to prolong life and keep temps down.
by G-MAN
06 Feb 2014 00:25
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Re: Airbag lig flash

To reset airbag light.

This works as I have tested it on a friends Patrol 4.8
by Wheels
10 Feb 2014 13:21
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Re: Air Suspension

Riaan -- kan dit meen ek kan LOBO se bladvere uitgooi en net met daai lugsakke ry ? darem seker nie ?
Hi Kagiso

Nee, Die bladvere bly in dit replace nie die bladveer nie, Dit is net daar om die bladveer of die coil spring te help sodra die SUV of Pickup meer gewig kry en as jy n boot of n kamp trailer sleep, Dit hou die suv level en help baie met hanteering en bodyroll

by Riaan Harding
04 Mar 2014 11:00
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Hubs Auto changed to manual.

The automatic/manual hubs on my old 4.2 finally decided to retire after close to 500k km. One of the many parts inside this complicated unit broke.
The previous manual hubs I got from Commercial auto parts in Selby JHB for one of my Safaries looked cheap and of inferior quality , but to date has not failed.
I did not want to fit inferior components to a strong vehicle , but any part is better than no part , so I purchased a set from Commercial and fitted them.
The units I got was much better than the older ones and also fitted perfectly. They look exactly like the original Nissan manual units.(possibly a cheap but good copy)
They work and now only time will tell if they will last. It is also much less complicated.

It cost R1350 per set and were for 31 spline axles. There are still some in stock. I also saw auto/manual units there for the same price. They also have 27 spline units in stock.
by bogeyman
13 Mar 2014 10:09
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Re: Patrol, 1995 4.2l Petrol SGL

Splinterblink nuwe voorruit is gister deur Glasfit ingesit. Ek het bietjie dopgehou en die pypies gesien. Seker gemaak hulle bly mooi oop.

Oom Mac, hiers 'n foto van Bubhezi en Agarob op daardie Kalahari uitreik.
by Ivor
17 Apr 2014 14:47
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Re: Should I drill a second hole in the rim

Dankie Oom Mac.Ek het hulle eerste gebel en die ou het vir my gese hulle het net standaard grotes.Die motorfiets een is baie kort.Die hele gedoente meet slegs 32mm met die deel wat bo die rim uitsteek is ongeveer 25mm
by erasmusdries
14 Jun 2014 17:57
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Re: 1991 SWB Patrol 4.2d

Oom MAck daai was Richard White se kar.

Hierdie een was al in my driveway, en ek wens ek kon hom daar gehou het!
by Peter Connan
27 Jun 2014 06:50
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2000 Nissan Patrol

I just got this info:

2000 Patrol 4500
Roofrack, rocksliders and Iron man suspension

Price: R130 000-00

Phone: 0834501312
by Herrie
01 Jul 2014 09:39
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Re: Immobilizer Bypass

Dankie oom Mac, sal hulle n lui gee
by Michael
04 Jul 2014 13:17
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Re: Michael van Eeden/Mve100

Ja , jammer ek het die invite eers na die tyd gesien. Patrol het hom goed gedra...
by mve100
10 Jul 2014 12:30
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Re: Coil springs for 4.5

Have you looked in the classifieds of this forum?
by Peter Connan
25 Jul 2014 20:13
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Re: Coil springs for 4.5

Hi Oom Mac, I have a set of front coils and think I still have the 4 shocks that you are welcome to if you want them?? :thumbup: :thumbup:
by IanT
04 Aug 2014 08:58
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Re: EGR ZD30

Al 2 filters is vervang. Van daar af het ek nog nie weer n probleem gehad dat die kar vrek nie. Dink jul die feit dat die filters die pomp gestarf het, kon hom dalk seer gemaak het.

Ek sien Frans en Groot seun het elk hul opinie oor die EGR af blok. Een is vir en een teen. Al2 is ervare manne. So dit maakmens nie veel meer verseker voel oor wat om te doen.
JG Shields het syne af geblok lees ek met goeie resultate. Sien sy motor het ongelukkig gebreuk later. Weet ongelukkig nie vir hoe lank hy hom so gery het nie.

Nissan blok die EGR graag en verniet af sien ek so met my gesurf. Dit se my 2 dinge. Hulle besef dis beter en spaar hulle later baie kopsere of hulle weet dis nadelig en sien al die geld wat hulle kan maak :lol: hulle doen nie sommer iets verniet nie.
:think: :think: :think: :think: so ek wonder steeds. Is niemand wat met n af gblokte EGR ry vir n geruime tyd nou al wat net vir my kan se wat hulle findinge is nie. Pls ouens :pray:

Oom Mac, my Trol nog onder waarborg. Wil nie graag dit verbeur deur dat anner manne aan hom werk nie. Ek sien dis groot geld as da iets fout gaan. So ek sal ma aan daai waarborg klou so lank ek kan.
by JoshJ
06 Sep 2014 14:58
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Re: GQ Fuel gauge not lekker

Oom Mack , As dit n earth problem was sou dit nie net tussen kwart en leeg pla nie.

Die tenk sensor bestaan uit n reostaat wat met n arm gekoppel aan n dryfballetjie die vlak meet.

Daar is n stuk weerstand draad opgewen om n nie geleidende basis. die een kant van die draad is ge aard en die ander kant is oop.
Die bewegende kontak punt skuif op en af soos die tenk vlak beweeg. Hoe verder die kontak van die aard kant af raak , hoe groter die weerstand. Die instrument by die meters gebuik dan n bimetal strokie on die wystertjie te laat beweeg.

Jules. wat gebeur is dat die bewegende kontak nie meer behoorlik raak aan die weerstand draad as die tenk leeg word nie.
Die tenk sensor kry jy onder die mat agter in die laai area binne in die tenk.

Jy moet die armpie uithaal en effens buig om weer goed kontak te maak. Partykeer is die draadjie ook af.

Wees baie seker dat al die aard drade weer baie goed terug gesit word en moenie n vuurhoutjie trek om gou te kyk hoeveel vuilgoed daar in die tenk le nie.
Altwee sal dieselfde resultaat he.
by bogeyman
05 Sep 2014 14:27
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Re: Diesel vs Sparks

In fairness, there is not much wrong with the Prado. Only that it is not a Patrol. If I could get one at the price Oom Mac has, I would also buy it.

Oom Mac is one of the big contributors on this forum and a big Patrol fan. When I was still new on this forum his house an heart was open to a practical stranger to help - even that ot got late was no problem.

Maybe we owe it to him to cut him some slack about his Prado, which is afterall a circuimstantial aquisition, not dictated by choice.

Last night i was helping a friend woth some minor ossues on his 3.4 Prado - maybe not as potent a off-roader, but certainly a great dual purpose vehicle.

Look forward to see you there next weekend, be it with a Prado or a wheelbarrow - does not matter!
by marakasmalan
10 Sep 2014 19:14
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