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Re: (9-13) Augustus 2017 RIVER TRIP

Gaan daar enige dames saam op die ene,lang haar wil weet Dwergie sal my LOS as ek durf waag om die een sinder haar te doen .. virseeeeeker. Sy gaan sam al is sy die enigste Eva in die groep. [ons bidde nog dat LOBO se remme en koppelaar reg is, dan gaan ons met LOBO :-) :blonde: :blonde: :woo: :woo...
by Kagiso II
17 Feb 2017 14:39
Forum: 29. Events
Topic: (9-13) Augustus 2017 RIVER TRIP
Replies: 50
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Re: Navstar 220 VHF

You Bro -- If you advertise it down COAST ways [veral in die Wes Kaap] sal jy beste prys kry. Hulle gebrfuik dit twee doelig -- Boot EN 4x4 .. twe vlieë met EEN klap [iNyathi het bv antennas op vir 29MHZ EN VHF - long range [wels donder die radio's gekom] ek sê maar net ... :oldtimer: :oldtimer: :ol...
by Kagiso II
16 Feb 2017 14:49
Forum: 20. Comms
Topic: Navstar 220 VHF
Replies: 10
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Re: 1998 4500 GRX For Sale

Hi ROD -- I will paste this on my F Book "Nissan 4x4 OffRoad Stories & Picts" Group -- Also will contact friend in NAM who really really really need Patrol
What is the BEST price we can com up with that you will accept ??
by Kagiso II
16 Feb 2017 13:44
Forum: 36. Vehicles For Sale/Swap
Topic: 1998 4500 GRX For Sale
Replies: 12
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Re: INFO Day. 18 February 2017

Christo - jy is ingetel

Gents - Herewith the directions to RED-LINED

unnamed.jpg (81.59 KiB) Viewed 207 times
by Kagiso II
14 Feb 2017 21:46
Forum: 29. Events
Topic: INFO Day. 18 February 2017
Replies: 39
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Re: Lexus 1uz-fe v8 conversion

Will you consider putting a proper Chevy V8 i the Patrol ?? My friend around the corner, "Old School Customs" specialises in revamping old and new vaqrs with 327 / 350 / 302 / 308 / 383 V8 engines .. he just finishetd a NAVARA with a Chevy 350 in it ..
The sound, the power, man oh man
by Kagiso II
13 Feb 2017 21:52
Forum: 09. Engines
Topic: Lexus 1uz-fe v8 conversion
Replies: 17
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Re: Nissan Antifreeze

Yo Michael
So Brother - do you have an answer for us re the Antifreeze suitable for our Nissans? Or are we to still submit to the Nissan price rip-off ??

Samblief man .. sê bikki ? Ek moet vir iNyathi kry inni week wat kom :oldtimer: :oldtimer:
by Kagiso II
12 Feb 2017 16:38
Forum: 07. Reference Library
Topic: Nissan Antifreeze
Replies: 17
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Re: Nissan time is over, Toyota required!

Guten Tag Stobi Wie geht's ???

O K -- I have sent my friend Juandre Gous a message about your vehicle being available .. waiting for him to get back to me ..
How much for your Nissan ?
How can he contact you ?
Oom Mac
by Kagiso II
11 Feb 2017 18:03
Forum: 37. Vehicles Wanted
Topic: Nissan time is over, Toyota required!
Replies: 8
Views: 395

Re: 3 door GQ for sale on OLX

Ons tipping on the link in Post #1 it informs me that add is no longer available ..
by Kagiso II
09 Feb 2017 12:20
Forum: 36. Vehicles For Sale/Swap
Topic: 3 door GQ for sale on OLX
Replies: 31
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Re: Hire a Patrol for Namibia

Is daai PATROL dus nog beskikbaar Tinus ???
by Kagiso II
08 Feb 2017 16:01
Forum: 15. Other Patrol Stuff
Topic: Hire a Patrol for Namibia
Replies: 19
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Re: Rims for 2013 GRX

If you dont buy those from JUICE then my set is also available [my studs are too short .. I cannot spacer .. It is the set I baughjt from Cedric on the previous batch -- It is up for grabs at same what I paid for it [I am in BENONI]
by Kagiso II
07 Feb 2017 11:52
Forum: 38. Vehicles Accessories For Sale/Swap
Topic: Rims for 2013 GRX
Replies: 22
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