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by mvcoller
16 Oct 2018 13:55
Forum: 13. Electrical & Electronics
Topic: Airbag light reset prosedure
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Re: Airbag light reset prosedure

Hi Michael, Do you know if there is a way to turn the airbag warning light off permanently (as in when there is actually an airbag fault)? My vehicle's airbag light started flashing about 2 years ago. I had it tested and was told it was definitely the clockspring. I tried many places to find if I co...
by mvcoller
14 Oct 2018 10:54
Forum: 28. Introduce Yourself
Topic: New Member from Howick KZN
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Re: New Member from Howick KZN for Windscreens. I paid R1,000 two years ago for my Y61 windscreen from them. 8 years before that I paid R600 for my Safari windscreen from them. Both price...
by mvcoller
14 Oct 2018 10:37
Forum: 09. Engines
Topic: S2O in Diesel - A BIG NO, NO>>>>>
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Re: S2O in Diesel - A BIG NO, NO>>>>>

It mentions it is not to be used in CR, yes. It does however say that it has NO ADVANTAGES for ANY diesel engine, as all fuels in SA has to conform to a standard, which in turn ensures sufficient lubrication "All diesel fuel sold in South Africa has to meet the SANS 342:2014 lubricity specification ...
by mvcoller
11 Oct 2018 10:31
Forum: 09. Engines
Topic: S2O in Diesel - A BIG NO, NO>>>>>
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S2O in Diesel - A BIG NO, NO>>>>>

Read these articles (Technical Studies) 1 - 2 - 3 - This graph tells it all in my est...
by mvcoller
27 Aug 2018 16:05
Forum: 17. Nissan SA, Dealers & Workshops
Topic: Nissan service quality improving?
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Re: Nissan service quality improving?

I cannot vouch for the service quality, but their pricing is totally mad, insane, ridiculous and over the top! A set of 4 (Four) (Ja, net vier) injectors for a 2010 Pathfinder is R35k. That is about 20 to 25% of the value of the vehicle. It seems that that injector is the same for all YD 25 motors, ...
by mvcoller
09 Aug 2018 21:10
Forum: 37. Vehicles Wanted
Topic: Looking for my first Patrol up to 100k
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Re: Looking for my first Patrol up to 100k

I think for that kind of money you will have to look at at something like the Safari 2.8 from the 80s or if you are lucky a GQ 4.2 from the 90s. You probably will not find a decent Y61 4.5 or a Y61 4.2D, but you WILL NOT find a going 4.8 for that money. A wreck, maybe. Sorry to be a bearer of bad ne...
by mvcoller
01 Aug 2018 22:26
Forum: 15. Other Patrol Stuff
Topic: Forum Sticker
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Re: Forum Sticker

Tinus, Ek soek een asb, maar ek weet nie hoe hulle lyk nie, so ek kan nie vir jou vertel watter kleur ek soek nie. Is dit die een bo-aan hierdie bladsy, Afrika met PATROL daarin geskryf en in silwer/grys? Omdat my voertuig silwer is, sal ek dalk 'n witte soek, wat dink jy? Dankie Ek PM jou my adres
by mvcoller
19 Jul 2018 11:59
Forum: 09. Engines
Topic: Water Leak
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Re: Water Leak

What pressure is the cap set for? Normally Nissan's is 0.9 bar, but my Nissan Trained Mechanic says the Patrol requires a 1.1 bar cap. Just also check on that the cap has two rubber seals. The lower one (as the cap sits on the radiator) is smaller and seals the radiator until it reaches the point wh...
by mvcoller
13 Jul 2018 11:34
Forum: 36. Vehicles For Sale/Swap
Topic: '95 SFA Hilux 2.4
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Re: '95 SFA Hilux 2.4

It is very nice and will go for a very good price. It does however have two very serious drawbacks 1. It will use more fuel than a 4.8 Patrol (tongue in cheek, but those motors are very thirsty and are therefore HEAVY on Fuel!!) 2. And the real concern, if it gets even a small bump, the insurance wi...
by mvcoller
08 Jul 2018 13:13
Forum: 24. Trip Reports
Topic: Botswana / Zimbabwe safari fuel consumption
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Re: Botswana / Zimbabwe safari fuel consumption

I was hoping for around 12 to 13lt per 100 at around 100kph, so I was reasonably happy with what I got. On the trip home, I travelled a bit faster and paid for it in extra fuel. That was not really a concern, as I was trying out the higher speed to see how it would affect the consumption. This is my...

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