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by mvcoller
21 Mar 2018 22:41
Forum: 13. Electrical & Electronics
Topic: Electronic Ignition on L28?
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Re: Electronic Ignition on L28?

Hierdie ouens doen honderde sulke conversions. Het my resies Alfas en ook my Safari gedoen. Nooit probleme opgetel nie ... 65343.html
by mvcoller
21 Mar 2018 22:20
Forum: 07. Reference Library
Topic: Information on Patrol/Safari needed?
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Re: Information on Patrol/Safari needed?

Pieter, as ek reg onhou, my my L28 Safari met sy 38 Two stage Weber se jet grotes as volg: Main Jets- 125 Air Jets - 110 Spray jets 35 maar is nie nou meer seker nie. Op die oop pad was sy petrol verbruik 10.5 lt per 100, maar dit was met die Cabal 5 spoed ratkas (31" bande). Die 5 spoed ratkas het ...
by mvcoller
20 Mar 2018 12:15
Forum: 41. Equipment Wanted
Topic: 2010 17" GRX RIMS WANTED
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Re: 2010 17" GRX RIMS WANTED

Hi Tony, There is a member in CT that is selling a set of five originals like you are looking for with 275/65 x 17 tyres for R10K - I just managed to get a set from a Pieter Botha here on the Forum. I had been looking for a set for some time! They are...
by mvcoller
20 Mar 2018 12:00
Forum: 09. Engines
Topic: Torque curves
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Re: Torque curves

Hi Peter, Unfortunately my figures are not for an unmodified Patrol. Herewith my 3.0Di (2008) pre CRDi motor's torque figures as at Jan 2018. 75mm exhaust, 300 x 600 front mount intercooler, Madman, SAC Chip (at that stage with 265/70 x 17 tyres - 32's) - Tyre size makes a huge difference on torque ...
by mvcoller
16 Mar 2018 21:43
Forum: 41. Equipment Wanted
Topic: Y61 Front coils
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Re: Y61 Front coils

Easier and cheaper just to go to General Spring in Germiston (Driehoek) and get them to make up coils for you. They will need to use thicker wire. They did a set for the rear of my Terrano (thicker and a 75mm lift), a full set for my GQ (75mm just a 75 mm lift) and a 60mm lift and thicker wire for m...
by mvcoller
16 Mar 2018 20:37
Forum: 43. General Items/Services Wanted
Topic: Tranny Cover vir 2004 Y61.
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Re: Tranny Cover vir 2004 Y61.

Boksburg is net om die draai van my af.

Sal vroeg volgende week kan gaan....
by mvcoller
14 Mar 2018 17:17
Forum: 37. Vehicles Wanted
Topic: Patrol 4.2, possibly 4.5 wanted
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Re: Patrol 4.2, possibly 4.5 wanted

My Pathfinder is also my Platkar.....

A highish 4x4 Platkar that drives quite comfortably on dirt roads!
by mvcoller
11 Mar 2018 16:27
Forum: 12. Suspension, Steering & Brakes
Topic: Steering shudder on braking
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Re: Steering shudder on braking

Thank you Clem for that detailed info. I have just checked my steering with the engine turned off, and the play on the steering is negligible. I won't fiddle with the steering box as am am convinced the problem does not lie there. It may just cause more problems rather than rectify anything. :biggrin:

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