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Re: Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction

Ouboet. Ja nou kan jy ook sien en beleef watse goeie manne en dames is eintlik op die forum. Al die raad wat jy soek sal jy hier kry. Spaar jou geld en laat Michael jou help, dan het jy lekker sterk voertuig. Moet asb nie dat die Ooms op die forum jou vertel dat diesel beter as petrol is nie.... Pa...
by Peter Connan
22 Apr 2017 14:07
Forum: 28. Introduce Yourself
Topic: Tommie Watkins Jnr (TommieGQ) Introduction
Replies: 28
Views: 181

Re: Lekke verjaar Pieter

Jammer ek het dit gemis.

Veels geluk.
by Peter Connan
21 Apr 2017 15:34
Forum: 33. Happy Birthday!!!
Topic: Lekke verjaar Pieter
Replies: 15
Views: 111

Re: Nissan Patrol as Ekspidisievoertuig (WegRy wenbrief)

I wish people didn't say things like this in public.

At this rate, I will never be able to afford a 4.8...
by Peter Connan
21 Apr 2017 15:33
Forum: 32. In the Press
Topic: Nissan Patrol as Ekspidisievoertuig (WegRy wenbrief)
Replies: 10
Views: 226

Re: Kaprivi-Okovango-Makgadakhadi Pans

by Peter Connan
21 Apr 2017 14:27
Forum: 24. Trip Reports
Topic: Kaprivi-Okovango-Makgadakhadi Pans
Replies: 7
Views: 128

Re: Faces of Namib - Roof Tent vs Ground Tent

This morning at the tire repair shop in Walvisbaai, we came across a nice 4.8 GRX, with a row of jerries across the back of his roof rack. We got talking, and it turned out the guy had just finished a Faces trip. There had been another 4.8 on the same trip. That guy had his 135l standard tanks and 5...
by Peter Connan
21 Apr 2017 13:48
Forum: 19. Overlanding/Camping Equipment
Topic: Faces of Namib - Roof Tent vs Ground Tent
Replies: 11
Views: 210

Re: Winch?

I will never again buy a winch from Adendorf/Mac Afric. Their hand tools are fine, but I am not impressed with their power tools. We bought a 12 000lb electric winch from them for my Dad's Hilux a few years ago. It only worked every second time it was needed. Thus, in effect, it only worked once eac...
by Peter Connan
21 Apr 2017 13:37
Forum: 18. Vehicle Accessories
Topic: Winch?
Replies: 9
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Re: 2 Issues i need help with.

I would be very surprised if either of these problems are caused by a blown fuse. I just can't see that either the front park lights or half the instrument cluster would be seperately fused.
by Peter Connan
21 Apr 2017 13:29
Forum: 13. Electrical & Electronics
Topic: 2 Issues i need help with.
Replies: 8
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Re: low range gears

As far as I know, the TC is the same throughout the series. Perhaps just a different outlet casting as the 4.8 doesn't have the need to mount a brake backing plate.
by Peter Connan
21 Apr 2017 08:03
Forum: 10. Drivetrain
Topic: low range gears
Replies: 18
Views: 205

Re: Diff-lock Trouble

Not personally but I have heard of cases where the machanicals have broken.

However, there would usually be a loud clacking sound when turning if the mechanics are damaged. I also wouldn't expect there to be any difference in behaviour between a left and a right-hand turn.
by Peter Connan
20 Apr 2017 21:46
Forum: 10. Drivetrain
Topic: Diff-lock Trouble
Replies: 8
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