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by Rhett
10 Dec 2017 23:56
Forum: 13. Electrical & Electronics
Topic: OBD-II Scan tool
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Re: OBD-II Scan tool

Thanks for the replies. I'm pretty interested in buying a OBD tool and will be more than willing to lend it to anyone interested in using it. (next year!!!) I had typed out a long reply, ranting about a vehicle I had bought and regretted, and then realized that hindsight is... well... hindsight. You...
by Rhett
30 Nov 2017 20:23
Forum: 30. Campfire/Kampvuur
Topic: New Patrol
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Re: New Patrol

theunis kruger wrote:
30 Nov 2017 06:54
I'll be attending the Patrol launch next week; I'll post some pics and info during the day.

That being said, anything specific the forum wants to know or ask?
Yes! How soon are they going to bring one out to a Patrol outing so we can test it's mettle?
by Rhett
24 Nov 2017 16:42
Forum: 08. Your Patrol
Topic: My Pride & Joy
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Re: My Pride & Joy

Yay! Another 4.8 mate,

Welcome, great looking Patrol with some lekke kit
by Rhett
23 Nov 2017 17:20
Forum: 14. Rims & Tyres
Topic: 15" rims on a 4.8
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Re: 15" rims on a 4.8

hugejp wrote:
22 Nov 2017 12:23
The next question is... are 35" tyres available on a 15" rim??
For sure! and like you said, they look great. Unfortunately sold a set of 15"s steelies with 35"s on earlier this year dude.
by Rhett
02 Nov 2017 19:54
Forum: 13. Electrical & Electronics
Topic: OBD-II Scan tool
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OBD-II Scan tool

Hi guys I was wondering today... If you were in the market for a 'newish' secondhand car, would the dealers allow you to check the diagnostics of the vehicle you were interested in if you had your own scan tool? **Specifically the data relating to speed and driving, etc. I know some vehicles won't s...
by Rhett
31 Oct 2017 17:40
Forum: 15. Other Patrol Stuff
Topic: New Patrol vs Landcruiser
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Re: New Patrol vs Landcruiser

TijmenvdS wrote:
Alex Roux wrote:Many solid axles have broken on that trail.
Land Rovers en Jeeps tel nie :rolling:
:rolling: :lol: :lol:
by Rhett
21 Oct 2017 09:12
Forum: 38. Vehicles Accessories For Sale/Swap
Topic: GQ 3rd class seats
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Re: GQ 3rd class seats

Peter Connan wrote:Nothing in a Patrol is third class!

:rolling: :rolling:
by Rhett
16 Oct 2017 17:25
Forum: 36. Vehicles For Sale/Swap
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Spotted this beauty at a dealer this afternoon:
20171016_153809a.jpg (460.71 KiB) Viewed 343 times
Not sure what Hans got for it, but they're asking R130k.
by Rhett
12 Oct 2017 09:18
Forum: 15. Other Patrol Stuff
Topic: Is this allowed in South Africa?
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Re: Is this allowed in South Africa?

HTTP2kuaW1ndXIuY29tLzZUdDhsOE4uZ2lm.gif (4.06 MiB) Viewed 365 times

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