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by Rudolph
23 May 2018 19:55
Forum: 01. Start Here
Topic: Opinions on 98 Y61 4.2 non turbo
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Re: Opinions on 98 Y61 4.2 non turbo

See if you can find an old Cruiser 4.2 pickup for sale in your valley, and take that for a test drive. The engines are very similar in terms of output and delivery, so it will give you a very good idea of how fast this will be. When ever you in the Port Alfred/Bathurts area again you welcome to tak...
by Rudolph
26 Apr 2018 06:46
Forum: 28. Introduce Yourself
Topic: Introduce myself
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Re: Introduce myself

Welkom Werner! :welcomewave:
by Rudolph
13 Apr 2018 15:01
Forum: 14. Rims & Tyres
Topic: Dunlop MT
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Re: Dunlop MT

Peter, watter grote band het jy toe gekry?
by Rudolph
12 Apr 2018 11:41
Forum: 29. Events
Topic: 29 March - 09 April 2018 Botswana Explorer's Route
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Re: 29 March - 09 April 2018 Botswana Explorer's Route

Liewe aarde hierdie gaan 'n groot storie wees om te volg. Sien uit daarna en al die foto's.

Sterkte aan almal met die herstelwerk en net bly almal is veilig tuis!!
by Rudolph
26 Mar 2018 14:31
Forum: 13. Electrical & Electronics
Topic: Mysterious thingy
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Re: Mysterious thingy

Is your car maybe chipped by SAC or other. I have the same looking thingy that SAC gave me when I chipped my BT50 apparently original. Said I must keep it if ever I want to take the chip out.
by Rudolph
02 Feb 2018 15:29
Forum: 35. About your Business
Topic: Sojo Automotive....... the TD42 one stop shop
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Re: Sojo Auotmotive....... the TD42 one stop shop

Daai is nou baie mooi! Hy nog die standaard internals in vir die TDi?
by Rudolph
16 Jan 2018 11:16
Forum: 08. Your Patrol
Topic: My Patrol arrived today
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Re: My Patrol arrived today

Baie geluk, mooi Patrol jy gekry het :woo:
by Rudolph
08 Dec 2017 09:54
Forum: 28. Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hi There!
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Re: Hi There!

by Rudolph
23 Nov 2017 15:49
Forum: 08. Your Patrol
Topic: "Jasper" - Y61 4.2D
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Re: "Jasper" - Y61 4.2D

Michael wrote:
21 Nov 2017 19:08
but as decided before we started it was just going to be a "bolt on" to keep the costs low
Michael, did you had to adjust the fuel pump at all with the "bolt on" conversion, ie add more fuel/adjust fuel screw?

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