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by gupster
24 Apr 2018 19:06
Forum: 32. In the Press
Topic: Re-Call Airbags
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Re: Re-Call Airbags

Thanks Johan, would never have known but for your post.

My 2005 3.0 also has a recall notice

Kind regards
by gupster
23 Apr 2018 19:05
Forum: 23. Other Queries
Topic: Import Vehicle into Namibia
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Re: Import Vehicle into Namibia

Also speak to Johaan from Springbok imports in Pretoria. He knows a great deal and also knows people in the business. He imported my Nissan Patrol into SA from the UK and seemed to be familiar with the rules of local export as well.
by gupster
22 Apr 2018 18:12
Forum: 14. Rims & Tyres
Topic: What is this doo-hickey?
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Re: What is this doo-hickey?

Hi Izak, Its on all the Patrols I've seen so I am sure its standard.
by gupster
10 Apr 2018 18:51
Forum: 09. Engines
Topic: Shadecloth cover radiator
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Re: Shadecloth cover radiator

On a trip to Drotskys caves I drove through long grass growing on the middle manetjie and could not believe how blocked my radiator became from the seeds. At the caves I cleaned the radiator as best as I could and fitted cheese cloth that I had, from under the bonnet down to the bumper to prevent fu...
by gupster
25 Mar 2018 09:18
Forum: 07. Reference Library
Topic: Service Manuals
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Re: Service Manuals

Hi Ian, thank you for posting the service manuals into your drop box. Being a bit thick here, but I don't seem to be able to work out how to transfer from the drop box to my PC. If you could help me with that, you will be teaching this old dog a new trick.

Many thanks
by gupster
20 Mar 2018 10:18
Forum: 36. Vehicles For Sale/Swap
Topic: 2013 3.0 CRD Patrol
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Re: 2013 3.0 CRD Patrol

Thanks Phillip, I have done the 3" pipe from the turbo, although I did have one baffle fitted, and have a madman monitor. Did notice quite a big power difference already but think I will get it chipped too to get the fast spooling under control.
by gupster
20 Mar 2018 09:06
Forum: 36. Vehicles For Sale/Swap
Topic: 2013 3.0 CRD Patrol
Replies: 15
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Re: 2013 3.0 CRD Patrol

This might have been brought up before on this forum, but is it worthwhile to chip a 2005 3.0? I was always under the impression that it was not, but that was something I read many years ago on the OZ forum
by gupster
11 Mar 2018 10:06
Forum: 09. Engines
Topic: 4.8 GRX replacement radiator shroud
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Re: 4.8 GRX replacement radiator shroud

I don't know if the radiator shroud is very different from the '01 3.0 but just want to post a heads up here to all Patrol owners. After many miles of corrugated roads, the plastic catches at the bottom of my radiator shroud wore down allowing the bottom to cut through the lower tubes of my radiator...
by gupster
28 Feb 2018 10:00
Forum: 11. Chassis, Bodywork & Trim
Topic: Patrol's and rust.....
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Re: Patrol's and rust.....

Hi Oetie. I was one of the people who bought a rusty Patrol. I never knew where to look but did climb under the car with a torch to take a look. it was a rainy day in Belfast and I did not spend enough time because I was getting wet. It was only when I had the car pressure washed in Durban and I cou...
by gupster
17 Feb 2018 08:57
Forum: 08. Your Patrol
Topic: Project Snowy met n turbo
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Re: Project Snowy met n turbo

Hi Andre, I can see many hours of hard work and frustration there, but in the end that itch will turn into pure pleasure.

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